Kaminomoto Hair Tonic Review Singapore (2023 Updated)

My hair is rather fine, straight, and I’ve bleached it once for a colour that faded within a week (screams internally). It’s not thick by any means, and absolutely I would love it if it’s thicker. I’ve opted for some popular Western products in the past that are recommended by the internet, one of which being Nioxin (which burned and gave me a very red scalp) and even Rogaine (no results whatsoever, perhaps because I do not have female pattern baldness), Biotin vitamins and various shampoos with little to no success. I do love voluminous hair and always try to achieve this with blow drying, root perm and using thickening shampoo and hair products. Then again, nothing really works. 

One sweet day, I stumbled upon a praising review of a Japanese product, Kaminomoto Hair Tonic – Super Strength Hair Serum (Gold). I bought it with a beacon of hope.

kaminomoto hair tonic

About Kaminomoto Hair Tonic

This multiple prescription is made to tackle the root cause of the thinning and loss of hair. To exemplify, the medicative ingredient “Hinokitiol” which is extracted from Hinoki tree or Japanese Cypress, has the antiseptic properties to prevent dandruff, itch, and hair fall, and is an excellent ingredient in making your healthy and stronger for the long run.

kaminomoto hair tonic

Kaminomoto Hair Tonic Promises to Achieve the Following :

  • Prevent split ends and breakage
  • Help achieve and maintain a healthy scalp 
  • Improve and prevent dandruff and hair loss 
  • Stimulate hair growth

The clear liquid comes in a 150ml bottle with a small nozzle-type dispenser. The manufacturer recommended users to go through 1-1.5 bottles a month. That seems a little excessive to me, and my bottle lasted me longer than that. Nearly two months, if I’m not mistaken.

Kaminomoto Hair Tonic Ingredients :

  • Kamigen K – improves circulation 
  • CS-Base – stimulates strands’ natural growth and protective processes 
  • Hinokitiol – encourages hair growth by stimulating the roots 
  • Vitamin B6 – regulates sebum (oil) production 
  • β-Glycyrrhetinic Acid – reduces itchiness and inflammation 
  • Propylene Glycol – moisturises 
  • Salicylic Acid – removes dandruff and gently exfoliates

How to Use Kaminomoto Hair Tonic ?

Step 1

Sprinkle an adequate amount of the product and apply it generously to the scalp, whether it is dry or wet. Do it twice a day.

Step 2

Massage the scalp gently for the product to absorb more effectively and encourage blood circulation.

Step 3

Wash the hair for at least every 2 to 3 days.

My Personal Experience with Kaminomoto Hair Tonic

I have been using Kaminomoto Hair Tonic for nearly half a year now. I do it after every shampoo (every 2-3 days) on wet scalp and every night before bed on dry scalp. The nozzle makes it easy and convenient to drip the product directly onto the skin. The texture is rather watery and the product dries quickly once applied. If you are like me and don’t wash your hair daily, no fret not – Kaminomoto Hair Tonic will not make your roots greasy. In fact, it balances out the sebum production and keeps my hair looking fresh for the longest time. Using it once to twice a day, the bottle lasted me several months.  There were days when I missed the treatment, but the results are still apt to show.

What are Some of the Changes I’ve Seen?

The most prominent change was in the amount of hair loss (which is deemed a normal process for everyone, but I still wanted to limit mine). I’m extra meticulous with my hair and use special combs and brushes to gently detangle it, yet after every shower I used to get quite a few strands left in the brush or in my hands. 

After Kaminomoto Hair tonic, that number has decreased to maybe 1-2 strands after a wash (from a lot more previously). I also noticed an accelerated hair growth. Since I am prone to colouring and bleaching my hair for years now, I know what my roots are like between colour treatments. While using Kaminomoto Hair Tonic, I’ve had to switch to colouring hair every 3 weeks because the dark roots were long and noticeable. Generally speaking, I do not have dandruff or an itchy scalp hence unable to speak about those claims. All I can say is, be patient with the results – the product works by healing and stimulating the roots, so it takes some time to see positive changes.

Bottom Line

It definitely isn’t easy knowing you may never have the same long tresses or hairstyles you had last time but Kaminomoto Hair Tonic is an easy and safe alternative to fight your hair loss. Give it a try and see how it turns out for you!

With that, I conclude my Kaminomoto Hair Tonic review, and suppose you’d like to take a further look at other hair tonic products to step your game up, you may find this article useful.

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