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SMIB Coral Calcium Hair Essence

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Andrea Hair Growth Essence

Most people begin using a hair tonic when they begin to experience hair loss. Prevention, on the other hand, is always preferable to treatment. You should always strive to nourish, protect, and maintain the health of your hair and scalp. A hair tonic can provide a number of advantages that will assist you in maintaining a healthy head of hair. Hair tonics are frequently used to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. A healthy scalp, on the other hand, is essential for achieving these two goals. As a result, several hair tonics can also help you get rid of dandruff and excess oils in your scalp. You can get a healthier scalp that gives birth to healthy hair by using the correct hair tonic.

What is a Hair Tonic 

Hair loss tonic works to nourish your scalp and hair by keeping them healthy and well-maintained, that is the key to ensuring your crowning glory. Previously, they were even used as hair styling tools before styling gels and mousse were invented. 

Presently, the market is full of hair tonics that feature a multitude of benefits all the way from moisturising to styling. We are spoiled with choices! Whether you are looking to amp up your tresses or minimising your hair loss woes, there is always something for you. 

Who Should Use a Hair Growth Tonic? 

Provided you do not have any severe allergies, anyone can use a hair tonic. If you yearn for a glossier and healthier coiffure, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t incorporate a hair tonic into your routine. 

Plus, if you have been struggling with oily or dry scalp your whole life, a bottle hair tonic might just be the solution to all problems.

What are the Benefits of a Hair Tonic?

1) Repairs Damaged Hair

The dream of having smooth tresses is one that is forever stuck in our mind, especially if you are in a constant battle with frizz. Thanks to its moisturising properties, a hair tonic helps to replenish any lost moisture into the hair and repair brittle follicles. In the long run, it works to strengthen your hair’s ability to retain moisture, resulting in stronger and healthier hair. 

2) Prevents Dandruff

Dry scalp is the biggest culprit of dandruff. However, a good bottle of hair tonic can help keep your scalp condition in check. It works like a charm in moisturising even the driest of scalps, providing your scalp with the moisture it requires to combat any dandruff. 

3) Works Great in Styling Your Hair

While it secured its place as the go-to hair styling tool back in the ‘60s, rest assured that it isn’t going out of style anytime soon. It contains oils that hold your hair in place, making it possible to shape and style your hair. Having said that, avoid using too much of the product to ensure the finishing look is glossy instead of greasy. Dab a tiny drop of hair tonic will do. 

What are the Side Effects of a Hair Tonic?

Most hair tonics don’t impose any side effects, but do note that its scent may come off as pretty strong. If you’re using a prescription hair tonic that stimulates hair growth, kindly consult your physician on its side effects prior to use. 

Hair Oils vs Hair Tonics

While some of us may use both terms interchangeably, hair oils are actually far different from hair tonics. Hair oils are mainly used to treat frizzy hair; while hair tonics do so as well, they help to promote hair growth simultaneously. Hair tonics deliver a multitude of benefits including reducing hair loss, which its counterpart can’t. 

What Ingredients to Look for in a Hair Tonic?

a) Birch

Birch maintains the health of your scalp and hair, nourishes the hair and prevents it from brittling. It makes the perfect ingredient in a hair tonic for those with dry scalp or dandruff problems. 

b) Nettle

Nettle is amongst the most common ingredients used in a hair loss tonic. It is the holy grail to prevent hair loss and dandruff. On top of that, it contains silica or sulphur which is known for adding healthy shine to our mane. 

c) Rosemary

Rosemary oil has made its place in hair tonics for stimulating hair growth and promoting blood circulation in the scalp. It also serves anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, great for those with sensitive scalp. 

d) Witch Hazel

This natural astringent works wonders in resolving scalp and dandruff problems. Besides, it thoroughly cleanses your hair and scalp by removing any product residue, making your hair silky-smooth and shiny. 

e) Yarrow 

If you have been struggling with hair loss your whole life, opt for a hair tonic that contains yarrow. This ingredient works to tighten the pores on the scalp in order to prevent hair loss. 

16 Best Hair Growth tonics in Singapore

1. SMIB Coral Calcium Hair Essence

Are you experiencing hair loss or an itchy, inflamed scalp? If that’s the case, the SMIB Coral Calcium Hair Essence is a must-try. Hair loss is usually caused by an unhealthy scalp. That is why SMIB employs high-grade Coral Calcium, which is extremely helpful in promoting hair development and keeping a healthy scalp.


Key Feature:

Uses high-grade Coral Calcium, which is extremely helpful in keeping a healthy scalp and encouraging hair development.


Made with high-grade coral calcium

Effective in reducing hair loss

Relieves and calms itchy scalp


Would not be suitable for everyone

2. L'Oreal Professional Serioxyl Denser Hair Treatment

Hair loss and grey hairs are prevalent issues as people become older. Thankfully, there is a hair tonic called L’Oréal Professional Serioxyl Denser Hair Treatment that addresses both of these issues at once. It’s a hair tonic designed specifically for Asian hair, so you’ll notice results much sooner. This hair tonic contains three major components. To begin, Aminexil, which aids in the prevention of hair loss. Second, Black Shou Wu, which infuses black pigments into your growing hair.

Key Feature:

Incell which strengthens your hair and prevents breakage.


Visible results in just 1 month

Reduces hair loss and grey hairs

Strengthens your hair to lessen breakages


It will take roughly 4 months to get rid of grey hairs.

3. Kerastase Specifique Hair Tonic

Choose the Kerastase Specifique Hair Tonic if you want the best results for thinning hair. It is not a cheap solution, but its effectiveness makes every penny spent worthwhile. The treatment is only 6 weeks long, which is rather short for a hair loss treatment. The serum repairs and strengthens your hair by delving into its fibre. It also forms a protective coating over your hair to keep it from breaking.

Key Feature:

It contains Moringa and Vitamin E, both of which are antioxidants.


6-week intensive treatment

Repairs and strengthens your hair

Improve glossiness and volume



4. Growell Minoxidil 5% Scalp Lotion

Another popular hair loss remedy is Growell Scalp Lotion. Growell and Kirkland differ primarily in that Growell is designed for both men and women. So, whether you’re a man or a woman, if your hair is thinning, the Growell Scalp Lotion could be your saviour. It contains Minoxidil, a hair loss treatment that has been clinically established.


Key Feature:

It contains Minoxidil, a hair loss treatment that has been clinically established.


Effective in treating baldness for men and women

Easy and safe to apply


Less quantity

5. Yanagiya Hair Tonic

Try the Yanagiya Hair Tonic if you’re looking for a natural hair tonic. Ginseng, Swertia Japonica, Sophora Flavescens, and Rabdosia Japonica are among the natural and medicinal substances used in its formulation. While some of these names may be unfamiliar to us, they are all natural herbs that have been shown to help with hair loss. You won’t simply witness hair growth gains with this hair tonic. It will also assist in the treatment of serious reasons of hair loss, such as itchy scalp and dandruff.

Key Feature:

Also aids in the treatment of serious reasons of hair loss, such as itchy scalp and dandruff.


Made with natural ingredients like ginseng

Effective for hair growth

Stops itching and prevent dandruff


Ginseng smell is quite strong

6. Kaminomoto Hair Growth Tonic

It is preferable to prevent than cure. The Kaminomoto Hair Tonic is designed to prevent hair loss by providing the ideal environment for your scalp to create healthy, thick hair. It nourishes your scalp while also removing dandruff and irritation. Your hair will be able to grow freely again with a healthier scalp. Complementing this hair tonic with Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator is a great approach to boost its effectiveness.


Key Feature:

The Kaminomoto Hair Tonic is a high-quality product that was made in Japan.


Nourishes your scalp for better hair growth

Made with natural plant extracts


Often goes out of stock

A little expensive

7. Shiseido Adenovital Scalp Essence.

It’s a professional-grade hair tonic of great quality. It works by reaching the roots of your hair to produce the ideal environment for hair development. It decreases oil on your scalp without robbing your hair of its natural hydration. It gives you a refreshing sensation when you apply it to your head, which is ideal for the hot Singapore heat. Adenosine, Ononis Extract, Hop Extract, Japanese Pepper, and Arnica Extract are among the components.

Key Feature:

This tonic gives you a salon-grade hair tonic worth checking out.


Improves hair loss

Encourages growth of new baby hair

Reduces oil on the scalp but keeps natural moisture


Shipping takes time

8. Phyto Phytolium 4 Chronic Hair Loss Treatment

The Phyto Phytolium 4 Chronic Hair Loss Treatment is designed to be left on the scalp without being washed. Because you won’t have to wet your hair again, this is a hassle-free application. It penetrates your hair roots and travels down each hair strand to enhance the hair barrier as soon as it is applied. The formula’s unique biotechnological complex nutrients prevent your hair from premature breakage and rough texture while also promoting healthy hair development.

Key Feature:

Your hair follicles are also retained in place more securely, which slows down hair thinning.


Easy to use without washing off

Shields hair follicles from damage

Supports lustrous hair growth for thicker hair


Very less quantity

Comes in small 15 ml bottle

9. Yves Rocher Hair Rinsing Vinegar Detox

After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, use the Yves Rocher Hair Rinsing Vinegar Detox in the shower. This vinegar detox tonic improves your scalp and hair strands by washing and detoxifying them. To show a revitalised and clean scalp, any remains of air pollutants, dead scalp cells, and sebum are totally removed. Because your hair strands are exposed to the same clearing and purifying sensation, it develops a gloss and shine over time.

Key Feature:

Free of parabens, colorant, and silicone


Cleanses and detoxifies scalp and hair

Suitable on use on sensitive scalp

Clarifying formula for lighter and glossy hair strands


Takes time for shipping

10. innisfree My Hair Strengthen Tonic Essence

The innisfree My Hair Strengthen Tonic Essence is formulated with a nourishing composition that contains important nutrients to strengthen your scalp’s hair roots. The saponin in ginseng enters your scalp, increasing blood circulation and nutrient delivery from the hair roots to the entire hair strand. Because it contains relaxing pine, cedar, and cypress tree extracts, it also provides a stress-relieving sensation for your scalp.


Key Feature:

Known for its anti-hair loss ingredients as well


Nourishing formula for healthy hair roots

Soothes and relieves stress in your scalp

Affordable and effective for daily use


Can cause a dry scalp

Comes in small bottle

11. Andrea Hair Growth Essence

Andrea Hair Growth Essence is a good choice if you’re looking for a low-cost hair tonic. It’s undoubtedly the most cost-effective hair tonic in Singapore. It works by nourishing each and every strand of your hair. It will make your hair grow considerably faster if you do so. Another advantage is that as you use this treatment, your hair will become smoother. The Andrea Hair Growth Essence is also used in a slightly different way.


Key Feature:

Because it’s made of organic and natural substances, you won’t have to worry about irritation or side effects.


Increases nutrition to your hair

Speeds up hair growth by up to 3 times

Creates silky smooth hair


Less quantity

12. Biosys Hair Tonic

Biosys Hair Tonic is an effective treatment for hair loss. It aids in the reduction of greasy, itchy, and flaky scalp. Your scalp will be in ideal condition for new hair development if you address these three issues. Your thinning hair will gain volume while also becoming healthier. The Biosys Hair Tonic is the ideal treatment for hair loss.

Key Feature:

The possibilities of acquiring split ends are much minimised.


Reduce scalp itch and flakiness

Stops hair from thinning


More suitable for hair thinning issues

13. Korean Atomy Hair Tonic

The Korean Atomy Hair Tonic is a balanced and gentle treatment made with 9 distinct natural herbal ingredients. Some hair tonics are harsh, causing side effects like a dry scalp, but the Korean Atomy Hair Tonic is not one of them. It’s a light tonic that can be used on a daily basis with little negative effects. It works by cleaning the pores in your scalp, preventing them from becoming clogged. The Korean Atomy Hair Tonic is the one to choose if you’re seeking a gentle hair tonic.

Key Feature:

This tonic improves hair development and minimises hair loss by promoting a healthier scalp.


Cleans pores for a healthier scalp

Reduces hair loss

Balanced treatment that is not too harsh


Side-effects such as a dry scalp

14. Kirkland Hair Tonic

If you’re a man who’s experiencing hair loss, the Kirkland Hair Tonic is a must-try. It’s one of the most popular and efficient hair tonics, and it works quickly. When treating a scalp with thinning hair at the top, it works best. It can also be used to grow a great, thick beard, if that is something you enjoy. It has 5% Minoxidil in it, which is a clinically established substance that promotes hair growth.

Key Feature:

Gives you softer, more manageable hair that looks and feels great.


Clinically proven hair growth results

Specially formulated for men

Best for top of scalp and beard


Less quantity

15. Rogaine Hair Tonic

Rogaine Hair Tonic has been a popular choice for hair loss treatments. It was the first hair-growth product to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. They’ve kept developing and refining their product along the way, and they’re now the number one brand in the United States. Thankfully, this powerful hair tonic is also available in Singapore. It’s an odourless hair tonic that’s demonstrated to be effective in clinical trials.


Key Feature:

Make it easy for your hair to retain and absorb nutrients, strengthening it and enhancing its appearance.


Formula especially for men

Best for male pattern baldness

Revitalizes and stimulates new hair growth


On the pricey side

16. ProFollica Anti Hair Loss & Regrowth Gel

ProFollica is a clinically proven gel that is able to reverse hair fall and promote new hair growth. It is suitable for users of all ages. Specially formulated to stop hair loss and promote the growth of thick, healthy hair, you can put your minds at ease knowing that you will have replenished hair growth, and your hair will be stronger than ever before!

Key Feature:

Contains 100% natural ingredients , ProFollica is an anti-hair loss system that fights hair loss holistically. 


What is the best way to use a hair tonic?

Step 1

Apply the hair tonic to the problem areas.

Step 2

Gently massage the tonic into your scalp.

Step 3

Let it air dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

Step 4

Stick to the routine to achieve the greatest outcomes.

Moving Forward

It’s worth noting that different hair tonics require different application methods. These four methods can be used in general, but you should refer to the box of your hair tonic for more specific recommendations. You will be given instructions to follow.

Stress, an imbalanced diet, hormonal changes, and other factors can cause hair loss in women. Hair loss may not be visible other than a wider parting, larger clumps of hair blocking the shower drain, or more hair fall when brushing because receding hairlines are uncommon in women. A scalp tonic can give critical nutrients to the roots, stimulating hair development and keeping hair healthy and strong, whether your hair loss is evident or not.

The products listed here have raving customer reviews and certified by reliable authorities. Try the one that best suits your needs and fits your budget. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We would love to hear from you!

Editor's Choice


SMIB Coral Calcium Hair Essence

SMIB Coral Calcium Hair Essence is a must-try. Hair loss is usually caused by an unhealthy scalp. That is why SMIB employs high-grade Coral Calcium, which is extremely helpful in promoting hair development and keeping a healthy scalp.


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