16 Best Curling Irons For Long Hair [2023 Updated]


Editor's Choice

Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

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Twirl Trio Interchangeable Curling Iron


3rd Best Choice

Remington CI9538 Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

Going to a salon to curl your hair can not only be time consuming but also super expensive. And with the pandemic era, it is almost impossible to sport cool hairdos without a ready solution at home. So, here we offer you 15 choices of the best hair curler for long hair to have various types of curls in a perfectly healthy and fail safe way. Pick the one that best suits you.

Best Curling Irons For Long Hair 2023

1. Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline ceramic curling iron is perfectly fitted to the tourmaline to give you a good grip to curl your hair with shiny finishing. This is the best curling iron for long hair to distribute heat uniformly throughout your hair to remove any fringes or tangles, make your hair look sleep and smooth. Besides, this curling iron has two heat settings that can warm up to 400 degrees fahrenheit within 30 short seconds so that you can curl your hair in short notice without any hassle.

Key Feature:

  • Fast heating with 5 LED settings
  • 3 timer and sleep mode to alert when curling is done
  • The ceramic technology protects your hair from static and frizz


Style your hair with loose or tight curls, as you desire

Heats your hair fast without any damage

Contains natural ions to give your hair maximum glow


Some users find the modest tip difficult to hold

2. Twirl Trio Interchangeable Curling Iron

If you are big on perfect hairdo, then this is the best curling iron for your long hair. You can give in to your imagination with its 3 separate barrels and more additional barrels to create the curls of your desire. Coming from 1-1.75 inches, the iron will fit perfectly in your hand to give you luscious styles, volume and big bouncy waves without damaging your hair.

Key Feature:

  • Interchangeable barrels for various hairstyles
  • All-in-one hair styler with solid lock in barrels for any style
  • Digital single pass technology to shield your hair from any harm


Heats fast upto 410 degree fahrenheit for immediate effect

Easy to switch barrels for different hairdos

Impressive look with salon quality curls


A bit expensive

3. Remington CI9538 Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

This pink and black tool is one of the best curling irons for long hair. Get fashionable tousles of luscious curls without visiting a salon with a simple twist of Remington’s sleek handle. The ceramic coating of this curling iron spreads heat equally throughout your hair in a very short time. Besides, it has heat resistant protection so that you don’t burn your hand while doing your curls.

Key Feature:

  • Super fast heating up to 410 degree Fahrenheit
  • 1-1.5 inch length to hold easily
  • Shuts off automatically after 1 hour shielding your household from short circuit accidents


Temperature lock function to keep your curls consistent

Easy to use with fast warm up technique

Swivel wire that is easy to move around your long hair


Not suitable for complete newbies

4. Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron

Get shiny gold locks of hair with the best curling tool for long hair. Its unique 24 carat gold barrel will spread heat to your hair graciously from low to high heat so that you don’t damage your hair with excessive heating. Besides, it has 10 different settings to curl your long hair with effortless ease, the heat going up to 428 degree fahrenheit.

Key Feature:

  • New pulse technology for faster and effortless heating
  • Multiple settings with gold heat conductor for perfect twisted curls
  • Long electric cord with on and off button
  • Ergonomic handle that can be locked and rotated for easy movement


Worth every penny

Easy to use

Faster warming from low to high


May damage your hair if you use it for too long at one single time

Can get overheated if left unattended

5. Xtava Auto Styler Professional Auto Rotating

This is the ultimate best curling irons for long hair regardless of its thickness, waviness, frizz or tangles. With 11 heat settings, you can make your perfect locks of curls effortlessly. It comes with a hair clip and LCD screen so all you have to do is clip your hair and use the 9 inch long handle to twist your long hair to get your curls.

Key Feature:

  • Bi-directional pivoting innovation for easy twist and turns
  • 360 degree swivel wire to move around with ease
  • Ceramic tourmaline barrel for uniform heating
  • 110-240 volt AC for automatic voltage control
  • 1 year warranty and free return exchange offer within 30 days of receiving the item


Works on thick wavy hair with high temperature while silky smooth hair with low temperature

Best curling iron for long hair that suffered colour treatment or dry and damaged hair

Auto shut off button for safety


Tend to get overheated if left unattended

6. Bio Ionic Curling Expert Pro

Bio Ionic is known as the one of the best curling irons for long hair due to its Nanoionic feature. Basically, it generates negative particles that counteract with positive particles of your sleek long hair to create smooth curls right from the core. The particles divide the water from your hair to produce atoms that go into the root of your hair for that sleek and shiny effect.

Key Feature:

  • Slim 2 inch long barrel to wrap your long hair with ease
  • Multiple heat settings to create curls of your desire
  • Control temperature with auto shut off feature for safety
  • 9 feet swivel wire to move around with ease


Well hydrated curls eliminating any chance of damaging your hair

Easy to grip, slender handle

The twists and curls stay for quite long


Comes in only 1 barrel size

A bit expensive

7. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

If you have bushy thick hair that is too stubborn to twist into smooth soft curls, then BaBylissPro is one of the best curling irons for thick hair. It is made up of titanium which is light to handle and wrap up your thick long hair. Besides, BaByliss can produce the high heat needed to tame your stubborn hair into perfectly locked curls of your desire by the technique of counteracting negative and positive ions in your hair.

Key Feature:

  • Protection during high heating setting
  • Negative ion technique to smooth out frizz
  • Light metal with long wire for easy maneuver


Produce most natural looking curls

Perfect for coarse and thick long hair

Ergonomic handle for firm grip

Heat your hair equally at all sides


Heats up fast

Does not come with glove for additional protection from heat

8. The Beachwaver Co. Coast Pro Titanium Styling Iron

With a staple technique iron, Beachwaver’s curling tool is one of the best in the market for super fast effect. It heats up in less than 1 minute to give you bouncy waves of curls in just 3 seconds. Clamp your hair in the Styling iron, rotate it and wait for just 3 seconds and voila, you are done! Besides, it has a pivotal function so that you don’t have to twist around your hand to adjust your hair to the curler giving you flexibility  to get your curls with precision.

Key Feature:

  • Pivotal function for rotation with minimal hand movement
  • Heats upto 450 degree fahrenheit in seconds
  • Easy up and down button to create curls up to your roots


Perfect for thick and coarse hair

Made of titanium which is light and distributes uniform heat

Bring results in seconds


A bit expensive

The hair clip is short

9. Three-Barrel PrettyQueen Waver Iron Wand

If you want to get a beach perfect look with voluminous, wavy glowing curls, then PrettyQueen’s Iron Wand will be the best hair curler for your beautiful long hair. The triple barrel of this curling iron has a nano-technology to remove frizz and curl your hair with zero damage. In a matter of minutes, your curler will heat up to 410 degree fahrenheit to get your hair done fast and easy.

Key Feature:

  • 3 barrel nano technology for fast and secure heating
  • LCD screen for temperature control
  • Fast heating process for salon quality curls
  • Ceramic and tourmaline system for uniform heating


Shiny and healthy looking hair

Super fast curls in minutes


Does not produce tight twisty curls

Not suitable for newbies

10. SUSSURRO 3 Barrel Curling Iron Wand

A perfect fit for every occasion, SUSSURRO’s Iron Wand is one of the best curling irons for long hair to give you a natural glossy look. With 2 distinct heat settings, you can style your hair into silky and wavy and cute locks to sport different hairstyles for weddings, dating and parties. Its ion technology combined with the 3 barrels keep your hair shiny, glamorous and out of harm.

Key Feature:

  • Non-slip handle and anti-scalding bracket for protection
  • Modern technology for healthy shiny curls
  • Fan-shaped insulation head together with tourmaline, ion and ceramic technology to spread heat uniformly through your long hair


PTC heating system with 180 and 210 degree heating options for glamour hairstyle

Suitable for everyone and everywhere

Easy to hold with bold power cord and clip handle


Only 2 available heating options

11. Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

This is one of the best curling irons for long hair for today’s cutting edge era. The purple looking Curl means business when it takes your hair in its chamber and produces flowing perfect curls of your desire. From tight to medium curls, hot iron or air brush your hair in seconds with this long lasting motor device. It can smooth even the smartest tangles into smooth soft curls effortlessly.

Key Feature:

  • 2 heating systems and 3 time setters for perfect curls
  • Heats upto 400 degree fahrenheit in 30 seconds
  • Auto beep indicator to let you know when the curls are done


Sport salon like curl in variety of styles

Long lasting curling effect without any damage to your hair

Reputable brand with reliable motor


Not for newbies

Needs time to be familiar with its various options

12. Revlon Titanium Curling Iron

Revlon’s 3 barrel curling iron for long hair is perfect to create basic curls, ringlets and beautiful S-like spiral style. Combined with ceramic, tourmaline and triple barrel features, it heats up within 60 seconds and distributes the heat uniformly throughout your long hair for super attractive hairdos.

Key Feature:

  • Ion, ceramic and tourmaline technology
  • Multiple heat settings for various hairdos
  • High standard speed setting and advanced system


Protects the hair from any harm and damaging conditioning

Takes less time to curl long hair as it has 3 barrels

Easy to handle


Can feel heavy if you are working on thick hair as it takes much longer than normal hair to curl

13. 3 in 1 Styling Iron

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on hair accessories then this 3 in 1 Styling Iron will be the best curling iron for your long hair. It serves as a curling wand, curling iron and a flat iron for versatile hardos without sustaining any injury. The short barrel and compact design makes it easier to handle while creating hydrated healthy curls with its ionic technology.

Key Feature:

  • Moisturizing heat from bio ionic process
  • Digital heat setting upto 430 degree fahrenheit
  • Nano ionic infused plates for healthy smooth curls


All-in-one hair accessory

Fast and perfect gorgeous curls in seconds

Proper safety to reduce burns or injuries


A bit high end price

14. FHI Heat Platform Curling Iron

This red colour beauty can produce pin curls, beach waves and voluminous curls with its super fast technology. Besides, you can control the temperature with the red dial to heat from low to high as needed for your desired hairdo. The handle is also quite easy to maneuver with the added advantage of ceramic and tourmaline technology for uniform heat distribution to your beautiful hair.

Key Feature:

  • Ceramic and tourmaline technology
  • Super fast heating mechanism
  • Raving reviews from customers


Produce shiny and smooth hair

Removes frizz even from thickest coarse hair

Works very fast even for newbies


The poor button placement may cause you to switch off the curler accidentally

15. Ion Titanium Pro Curling Iron

This is another lightweight curler for those who find it difficult to work with heavy weight curlers. Its compact and effortless design will help you to style your hair into voluminous waves with smooth shiny finishing in a short time. The curler can be heated upto 450 degree fahrenheit which comes with ceramic technology for uniform heating.

Key Feature:

  • Large 360 degree swivel power cord for easy maneuver
  • Thumb rest and insulated tip to give you a firm grip
  • Ceramic and titanium technology for fast heating in uniform flow


Long lasting natural curls

Various hairstyles in short time

Barrel and spring plates work to give your hair natural moisture

Protects your hair from damage


Tends to heat up fast if it is left unattended

16. Kristin Ess Curling Wand

This curling wand by Kristin Ess is a real looker! It features a soft, white handle, a chic gold titanium outlook along with a cool tip and rubber ring so you can rest it on your countertop safely. We also love that it comes with an extra long cord. Better yet, each purchase includes an adorable, functional comb!

Key Feature:

Pivoting wand made of gold titanium, featuring a cool tip and a rubber ring.


Sleek design

Comfortable to hold

Comes with a cute and functional comb

Long cord


A pivot feature that doesn't speed up styling time or provide ease of use


With various prices, options and features, you will find a curler of your style, preference and budget that suits you. So, pick the one that best serves your needs so that you can do your curls like a pro without the need to visit a salon.

Editor's Choice


Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron


This is the best curling iron for long hair to distribute heat uniformly throughout your hair to remove any fringes or tangles, make your hair look sleep and smooth.

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