The Top 15 Hair Salons In Orchard For A Perfect Hair Makeover


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Be Salon Wheelock Orchard


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Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories Hair Replacement


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Kelture Aveda Hair Salon

Choosing the right hair salon can be akin to playing roulette, but fear not – we’ve done months of research to compile this list of the finest hair salons in Orchard, Singapore, to make your decision easier. These salons, with influences from international fashion scenes like Milan, Paris, and New York, showcase the expertise of Singapore’s leading hair stylists who have traveled the world. From exclusive pampering experiences to trendy Korean salons, Orchard has it all. So let’s get started…..

After months gathering insights from locals residing in the neighborhood and personally experiencing these hair services, our experts at Beauty Signal Lab hereby present to you an extensive list of 15 of the best hair salons in Orchard, Singapore.

Discover the Top 15 Hair Salons in Orchard for a Perfect Hair Makeover

1. Be Salon Wheelock Orchard

Be Local, Be Different, and Be Yourself – that’s the philosophy of Be Salon. Located in Wheelock Orchard, Be Salon offers a variety of hair services, including coloring, perming, and hair treatments. The salon prides itself on creating a personalized and welcoming experience for each customer.


Address: 501 Orchard Rd, #03 – 20 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880

Contact: +65 6893 3667


Key Feature:

Expert colouring techniques that reflect the essence of Korean beauty.

2. Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories Hair Replacement

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, situated at Orchard Road, specializes in hair replacement solutions. The salon provides personalized, non-surgical hair replacement systems for those experiencing hair loss. With a focus on innovation and quality, Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories aims to restore confidence and natural-looking hair for its clients.


Address: 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #07-02, Singapore 238869

Contact: +65 6753 5900


3. Kelture Aveda Hair Salon

Known for its craftsmanship, Kelture Aveda Hair Salon has made a name for itself through word of mouth and exceptional service. With an excellent team of stylists eager to craft your hair to perfection, this salon, located in Paragon, promises a great atmosphere and top-notch haircutting.


Address: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon, #05-07, Singapore 238859

Contact: +65 6735 6468


4. Number76 Hair Salon

Hailing from Tokyo, Number76 Hair Salon ensures your tresses are in good hands. Offering a comprehensive range of services, from cotton pink hair to caramel brown shades, the salon specializes in Fiberplex and Olaplex treatments for bleached hair, preventing it from becoming a frizzy mess.

Address: 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, #02-23, Singapore 238858

Contact: +65 6385 7576


5. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard Central

For an adventurous hair color experience, head to 99 Percent Hair Studio. Known as the best hair coloring salon in Singapore, they cater to Asian and Caucasian customers. Offering a range of coloring services, from ombre to balayage, they deliver consistently stunning results. Their Wonderlast treatment ensures shiny, silky hair that lasts for months.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #04-10/11, Singapore 238896

Contact: +65 6238 3667


6. Walking On Sunshine Korean Hair Salon & Cafe

Founded by the team behind LeeKaja Beauty Salon, Walking on Sunshine is not just a salon but an enchanted garden-inspired space. Offering a variety of treatments, this salon is attached to a café, allowing you to indulge in Korean cuisine after your hair transformation. Known for its color treatment that gives vibrant hues without bleaching, Walking On Sunshine is a unique experience for your senses.


Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #03-07, Singapore 238896

Contact: +65 8877 8800


7. LeeKaja Beauty Salon 이가자 뷰티 살롱

If you’re into all things Korean, LeeKaja Beauty Salon is your go-to. Offering a range of beauty treatments, including perms, hair color, and the popular Cinderella treatment, LeeKaja uses products directly from Korea. Founded in 1972, it’s the first franchised hair salon brand in South Korea, and now, with over 200 branches worldwide, it has become one of the best Korean salons in Singapore.


Address: 333A Orchard Road, #03-13 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238867

Contact: +65 8133 0818


8. Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio, situated at Far East Plaza, is known for its creative and personalized approach to hairstyling. The salon’s team of skilled stylists is committed to bringing out the uniqueness in each client. From trendy cuts to bold colors, Picasso Hair Studio aims to redefine your hairstyling experience.


Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #03-22, Singapore 228213

Contact: +65 6734 0735


9. Salon Vim

Salon Vim at 313@Somerset is a go-to salon for those seeking a contemporary and fashionable hairstyle. Established in 2010, Salon Vim has become one of the leading hair salons in Singapore. The team, led by director Gary Chew, is dedicated to staying updated with the latest trends and techniques to provide clients with the best hairstyling experience.

Address: 435 Orchard Rd, #02-01B, Singapore 238877

Contact: +65 6734 6404


10. Aqua Hair Korean Salon

Aqua Hair Korean Salon boasts a team of professional and young stylists, making it the ideal choice for those desiring hip and modern hairstyles. With over 10 years of establishment, it has gathered a massive following, especially among the youth, thanks to exceptional customer service and keeping up with the latest K-beauty trends. Popular treatments include their signature C and S-curl perms.

Address: 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard, #02-11 & #03-16, Singapore 238876

Contact: +65 6732 8011


11. Miin Hair & Beauty

Established in February 2021, Miin Hair & Beauty at Isetan Scott Orchard provides a true K-beauty hair salon experience. With a team of Korean and local stylists, they specialize in premium hair color with techniques like balayage, foliage, or air touch. Miin Hair & Beauty aims to spread K-beauty’s influence and serve the local community with the latest trends and high-quality products.


Address: 350 Orchard Rd. #01-04, Isetan Scotts, Singapore 238868

Contact: +65 6232 7891


12. Hair Inn

Hair Inn, located at Orchard Plaza, has been serving customers since 2003. With a team of experienced hair stylists, Hair Inn provides a range of services, including haircuts, coloring, and perming. The salon aims to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for customers to enjoy their hair pampering sessions.

Address: 68 Orchard Rd, #B1-16, Singapore 238839

Contact: +65 6365 0133


13. Do My Hair Singapore

With over two decades in the industry, Do My Hair Salon has been a staple since 2002. The experienced stylists offer free consultations to suggest the best hairstyle for you. Beyond haircuts, they provide color, highlighting, perming, and value-for-money packages like Haircut + Rebonding/Digital Perm.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #04-13, Singapore 238896

Contact: + 65 6509 0810


14. Chez Vous: HideAway Hair Salon

For an exclusive and pampering experience, look no further than Chez Vous HideAway. Tucked away from Orchard Road’s hustle and bustle, this salon offers complimentary spa services like customized scented journeys, bond-strengthening hair shots, and heated shoulder pads for tension relief. With prices starting from $199+, it’s a value-for-money choice. Each Associate Director handles only five appointments per day, ensuring you get their full attention.

Address: 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #14-04, Singapore 238874

Contact: +65 6219 3558


15. AUBE Beauty Salon – Wheelock Place

Originating from Japan, AUBE has 200 beauty hair salons in its native country and 12 worldwide. The Wheelock Place branch insists on using quality Japanese hair products and furniture, retaining the same elegant aesthetic found in Japan. With a team of highly skilled stylists, AUBE promises a top-notch experience.

Address: 501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, #05-09A, Singapore 238880

Contact: +65 6235 3845


Wrapping Things Up

These top 15 hair salons in Orchard Road offer diverse services to cater to every hair need. Whether you’re looking for a Korean-inspired transformation, adventurous hair colors, or a classic and elegant style, Orchard has a salon that fits the bill. Book your appointment today and treat yourself to the hair makeover you deserve!

Editor's Choice


Be Salon Wheelock Orchard


One-stop salon services include Scalp treatments, Hair end treatments, Keratin treatment.

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