7 Easy Methods to Remove Glue Eyelash Extensions at Home

False eyelashes are easily one of the best tools out there that give us the instant long, luminous look we will go all out to achieve. They truly win when it comes to magnifying our eyes and making them look as captivating as possible. Having said that, the benefits can easily backfire if you remove glue eyelash extensions carelessly, especially when you happen to be a newbie. You can risk harming your natural eyelashes which are apt to take a “light year” to recover and grow back

As a beauty enthusiast, I discern the struggle hence in this very article that you are reading, expect to learn the 7 easy methods to remove glue eyelash extensions at home, without spending tons of money, and without the help of a professional. Let us put an end to losing our natural eyelashes during the process of removing eyelash glue!

remove glue eyelash extensions
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Your Ultimate Dummy Guide to Remove Glue Eyelash Extensions

1) Take a Hot, Steamy Shower

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A hot, steamy shower never ceases to amaze when it comes to loosening our glue eyelash extensions. Whilst taking a shower, do not attempt to pull, pluck, or rub your lash extensions. It may appear to you as tempting especially when it feels as though they are loosening, but trust my words when I say that you will end up regretting. Resist the urge to damage both your natural lashes and eyes. 

If you are a veteran to this, you probably already know how beauticians always advise us to never get out eyelashes wet with hot water or even go near steam in order for it to last a lifetime. Since you are trying to put an end to its cycle, hot water is our best bet. 

After coming out from the shower, simply use a tweezer to remove glue eyelash extensions. 

2) Steam Your Face

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This is a rather quick technique followed by the previously hot shower method. Here, you will need to remove your makeup thoroughly including your eye makeup, but hold on! Not the eyelashes yet! Then, pour in some hot water into a large bowl and have your face lean toward it so that the steam gets to evaporate your eyes. 

By doing so, you soften the eyelash glue, making it more delicate and easy to remove. You have also eliminated any stubborn dirt particles, residue, or bacteria that weren’t successfully removed when you removed your makeup. Bear in mind that you should always keep your eyes shut at all times. To be safe, keep your eyes closed for around 5-10 minutes. 

3) Opt for the Use of a Lash Glue Dissolver

remove glue eyelash extensions
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There is a product for every specific use these days, which is why lash glue dissolvers exist in the first place. If you have little to no patience like me, get yourself a glue or eyelash extension remover to avoid the waiting game. It is worth every single penny spent. 

A lash glue dissolver is manufactured in such a way that considers the sensitivity of your natural eyelashes as well as the fragility of your eyes. Subsequently, rest assured that you won’t hurt your eyes when trying to remove glue eyelash extensions. Simply soak a cotton pad with the given glue dissolver and gently apply it to the lashes, but be on the lookout for whether you are getting it too close to your eyes. 

4) Go for an Oil-Based Cleaner

remove glue eyelash extensions
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There is a general rule of thumb that says if you have a set of eyelash extensions on, you need to stay away from oil-based cleansers. They are known to be the biggest culprit in shortening the lifetime of your extensions and causing them to fall out sooner than you expected and eventually result in an adhesive failure.

In today’s case however, we are looking forward to that failure precisely, hence oil cleansers is what we need! Using a cleanser is a win-win situation as it cleanses our face and simultaneously, it dissolves the glue as we move our fingers around in circular motions. Literally one of the best ways to remove glue eyelash extensions. 

If you are planning to reuse the particular eyelashes again, be sure to peel off any remaining flue which you can find laying at the base of the eyelashes. Then, clean them very, very thoroughly so that the glue won’t stick on the lashes next time suppose there is any oil residue.

5) DIY Your Own Cleansing Solution

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If you love creating things yourself and are actually good at it, you might need to utilise your talents here. Making your own eyelash cleansing solution is extremely easy. All you need to do is to fill up a small bowl with some hot or lukewarm water where you can put in some soap. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to add in some eye makeup cleanser or liquid makeup remover to boost its effectiveness.

Afterwards, use a cotton pad and gently apply the solution you have just created to your eyelash extensions to dissolve the glue and completely remove the lashes. Alternatively, if they have already been removed and you want to get rid more of the glue left behind, dip the falsies into the solution and gently rub them off to dissolve both the adhesive and any makeup residue.

6) Use Oil

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If oil-based cleansers aren’t generally your cup of tea, you can opt for the use of oil. This is a comparatively convenient method because just about any oil you have at home will do. 

Put 2-3 drops of the oil of your choice on a cotton ball and gently rub the cotton on your eyelids. When it has stopped dripping, proceed to press the cotton on your eyes in a downward motion, especially to the roots of your eyelashes. This is to ensure that the area where the glue was applied is evenly covered by the oil.

Prepare to be surprised by how seamlessly and efficiently the oil detaches the glue and the eyelashes from your skin. Bid a fond adieu to the pain you used to experience when you remove glue eyelash extensions. 

7) Apply Eye Cream

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Moisturisers or any skin care products containing oil are also one of the biggest contributors to remove glue eyelash extensions. If you happen to have any eye cream that contains argan, jojoba, sunflower or other oil variations, they can surely work wonders! The effects will even be more pronounced since you are using a product that is made exclusively for eyes. You will also reap the benefits of eye care as a bonus! What’s better than getting the best of both worlds?

Have You Decided on Which Method to Opt for?

Whether you are a veteran of eyelash extensions or you are new to the community, you are obliged to learn the correct ways to remove glue eyelash extensions because not only is removing them by force is extremely painful, but you will also risk harming your natural lashes. Chances are you might leave bald spots without even realising it. 

Therefore, rather than surrendering your urge to pluck and pick at the extensions, follow these 7 stress-free methods to remove glue eyelash extensions at home which I have walked you through. Also, your choice of eyelash glue has a role to play in determining how easy or difficult of a task it is to remove them. Opt for a premium pick like magnetic lashes and have fun playing around with them!

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