Everything You Need To Know About Botox Lip Flips

We all know what lip fillers are ever since Kylie Jenner made them a must-have feature circa 2015. Ever since then, the beauty market has been saturated with cosmetic procedures and beauty products that promise to plump up your lips and make them pout worthy a la the reality TV star and makeup mogul. Just when we thought we’d seen it all when it comes cosmetic procedures for lips, the beauty scene started buzzing with a new procedure called the lip flip. Our curiosity was piqued. What exactly is a lip flip and is it better than a lip filler? We went ahead and did our research and now we’re ready to share with you everything you need to know about the lip flip.

What Is A Lip Flip?

Also known as the “Botox Lip Flip” the lip flip is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in which Botox is administered into muscles surrounding the area above your top lip. This relaxes the muscles of your top lip, causing them to roll upwards and outwards, giving the appearance of more lip real estate.

How Is It Different From Lip Fillers?

With a lip filler, your injection goes directly into either the top, bottom or both of your lips. However, with a Botox lip flip, you’re being injected in the philtrum area – that is the area right above your top lip. It hits the muscles instead of the lips, making it a quicker, less painful procedure than your average lip injections. Also, lip fillers use hyaluronic acid to plump up your lips whereas Botox lip flips uses, well….the clue is in the name, to relax the muscles in the targeted area.

In terms of pricing, fillers tend to be far more costly than a Botox lip flip. A typical lip filler treatment can cost anywhere from $400 – $2000 depending on the particular filler and treatment used. Whereas a Botox lip flip requires about 4-6 units of Botox and will set you back about $10 to $15 per unit. Again, it depends on your location and the expertise of your aesthetician.


Who Should Get The Botox Lip Flip

Anyone looking for an aesthetic upgrade can get the Botox lip flip. If you feel your lips are too thin but don’t want to risk looking like a clown with fillers, this is the perfect procedure for you.

If your upper lip disappears when you smile, a lip flip could be just the procedure to add subtle volume to your smile.

What’s great about the Botox lip flip is that it’s a temporary treatment that lasts about 3 to 4 months so if you’re not happy with the results, you could always wait for the Botox to wear off and you’ll get your original lips back.

What To Expect Before The Procedure

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re interested in getting a lip flip for yourself. Well here’s how you can prepare for a Botox lip flip before the procedure. As advised by aestheticians, stay away from alcohol, aspirin, blood thinners, over the counter NSAIDs or cigarettes a good 48 hours beforehand. This is to reduce the risk of swelling and bruising and to aid in the healing process. It’s also preferable if you don’t have cold sores as that can affect the outcome of the look. Of course all this will be relayed to you at your consultation, where you can ask your aesthetician or doctor any questions or concerns you might have about the procedure. It’s normal to feel nervous if this is your first injectable procedure but rest assured you’re in safe hands if you go with a board certified aesthetician or doctor.

What Are The Side Effects?

As with any cosmetic procedure, you need to be aware of the possible side effects that may arise during or after the procedure. It’s important to inform your doctor or aesthetician if you have any allergies or reactions as Botox is a neurotoxin. Too much of it can cause your mouth to freeze up and stop moving. And nobody wants to look like a mannequin in a store front! Ensure your chosen aesthetician is licensed to practice and uses quality Botox and not a fake version (believe us – they exist!) as having a botched procedure can affect your ability to smile and confidence. 

What To Expect During A Lip Flip Procedure?

The procedure itself is relatively quick and no longer than 5 minutes. Your aesthetician will don gloves and hold your upper lip area (philtrum) looking for the right vein to inject the Botox into. (Those who’ve had Botox for frown lines or masseter muscle area can attest that this is not a painful procedure at all!) Depending on the amount agreed on beforehand, your aesthetician will clean and numb the area before injecting the Botox into your philtrum.


A minor sting is all you’ll feel at best. There might be minimal bleeding at the injection site but nothing dramatic that you’ll need to be hospitalized. After the procedure, you’re able to go back to work and resume normal everyday activities like eating and drinking.


Unlike hyaluronic lip fillers, the results aren’t instant. It can take up to four days for the results to show, after which your muscles are fully relaxed and you’ll be able to see a noticeable difference. The results won’t be dramatic like those Instagram models, but more a subtle difference. You’ll get the full, voluminous look without suffering from trout pout!

Post Procedure Care

The Botox flip lip may be a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure but that’s not to say there’s no upkeep post procedure. A good aesthetician will advice you against vigorous exercise for the next few days afterwards. This is to avoid the Botox “shifting” or moving around. Plus you don’t want to sweat out your Botox do you?! It’s also best if you stay clear of an overtaxing skincare regimen as you never know which products might cause you to breakout soon after.

The Final Verdict

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on what a Botox lip flip is, it’s up to you to decide if this procedure is something you’d like to undergo to increase your confidence or improve your looks. If you think you’re an ideal candidate and want to give it a go, make sure you pick a plastic surgeon or aesthetician that is board certified and has the right credentials.

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