Do LED Face Masks Work? Research Says Yes.

If you’ve been fighting acne and signs of aging for as long as you can remember, you know how difficult it is to find skincare products that address both needs, and that means finding an array of cleansers, lotions, and moisturizers. However, it isn’t enough. The good news is that you can now get a single product: an LED face mask. 

do led face masks work

What are LED Therapy Face Masks?

LED therapy face masks are non-invasive, painless anti-aging skin treatments. They harness the power of light emitting diodes (LED) from blue and red light wavelengths to penetrate the dermis and encourage softer, smoother complexion.

These LED light devices have been staples of high-end dermatology practitioners and spa operators for years. Back then, they were clunky and expensive, but extremely powerful when used by professionals. If you see anybody who seems to be aging backward, then they’re probably having LED facials as part of their beauty regimen. 

Today, you can buy the best LED face masks that are FDA-cleared to use at home as part of your skincare routine. These masks channel the power of LED light into a mask which can be used to address skin- and body concerns. 

How Does LED Light Therapy Work?

Ever wondered how these LED lights dramatically improve your skin? In brief, light occurs in different spectrums, which produces heat and delivers various skincare benefits.

Red & Blue Light-Emitting Diodes

LED face masks integrate blue and red LED diodes to treat both acne and aging concerns simultaneously. The red lights boost your collagen production deep within your dermis. In fact, collagen is a protein found not only in your skin but also your joints. This important protein helps tissues heal in order to prevent scarring and signs of aging. Note that your collagen production slows down over time, so red LED lights can help stimulate it and keep your skin looking youthful and supple. Red lights can also help soothe inflamed skin, healing your acne as well as other inflammatory concerns around your face. 

do led face masks work

The blue LED lights on the other hand, produce an antimicrobial effect that destroys acne-causing bacteria on your skin surface in order to heal and prevent new breakouts. On top of that, blue lights can have anti-aging effects whereby they destroy the free radicals that lead to aging skin. Similar to red lights, blue lights also help relieve inflammation. 

do led face masks work

Do Led Face Masks Work? What are The Benefits?

Also known as photodynamic therapy, LED light therapy has taken the cosmetic and aesthetic industry by storm, but is sometimes used for medical purposes such as Bowen’s disease, psoriasis, and even basal cell carcinoma (a very common type of skin cancer).

In terms of cosmetic motives, LED light therapy masks usually encompass a whole suite of expensive products and a dermatologist appointment to accomplish. Though there are at-home options you can make use of today. They help to heal and prevent acne, as well as to fight the signs of aging in a single session, making them an ideal complement to your skincare routine. It typically takes a few sessions for the results to be visible, but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll start to see a smoother, clearer complexion.

Even if you have yet to experience aging or other skin concerns, using a LED face mask can accelerate your collagen production and kill free radicals, which delays and prevents aging. As the saying goes “prevention is the best medicine”. Unlike other beauty treatments, light mask therapy is extremely easy to use and takes virtually no work on your part. All you need to do is to prep your face, put on the LED face mask, and relax. 

Not to mention, they’re also affordable. LED face masks can cost anywhere from $100-$1,000, depending on the type and quality of your choice. We know that you’re thinking. That’s not exactly “affordable”. However, compare that one-time cost to spending around $200 a week for treatments at the clinic. See the difference now? So that upfront cost, although you may need to splurge a bit in the beginning, will really help save you money in the long run. 

How to Use LED Face Masks?

If you’re new to the world of LED light therapy, the mask might seem a little foreign. However, it’s pretty simple. Follow this quick step-by-step guide, and you’ll finesse it in no time.

  • First thing first, cleanse thoroughly and pat your face dry.
  • Next, apply any topical serums or essences you’re currently using.
  • Now, connect your LED face mask to power and adjust the settings to your preferences.
  • Apple the mask to your face while you sit back and enjoy.
  • Once your session is up, remove the face masks and wipe it clean. Then apply moisturizer to your face and go about your day as usual.

Are LED Face Masks Safe to Use?

According to a review in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, LED face masks are indeed safe to use when you opt for products that are suitable for home use. The challenging part is to find a mask that provides medical-grade results but is ideal for a home setting.

Potential Side Effects of an LED Face Mask

LED face masks and other types of phototherapy are largely safe for everyone. There are side effects, but rather mild. This is because the masks use only certain types of UV lights, there’s no risk of skin damage like how you would get from the sun.

While LED face masks are generally safe to use at home, they may not be suitable for everyone. It’s always recommended to speak to a dermatologist before you purchase or jump on the bandwagon. They can analyze what’s right for your skin and determine whether it’s the right choice for you. 

Long Story Short—Do LED Face Masks Work?

LED face masks are a type of phototherapy that’s been well documented and researched over the years. It has also been a staple of dermatology and esthetician practices for many years, but now, you can attain medical-grade results at the comfort of your own home and pace. Just be sure to opt for an FDA-cleared LED face mask and you’re all set. 

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