The Battle of 40k vs 80k Cavitation Machine: Which is the Best Frequency for Ultrasonic Cavitation?

The scientific research community has been embroiled in a controversy for years, surrounding one of its most vital technologies: ultrasonic cavitation. Developed back in the 1960s, cavitation is a process whereby a machine releases hundreds or thousands of pocket-bubble-like vesicles in your body’s tissue, which then violently collapse. This collapse will destroy your body cells and eventually tear through healthy tissues, forcing it to rebuild itself. Research suggests that ultrasonic cavitation somewhat contributes to the rejuvenating effects of prolotherapy, and many more. 

40k vs 80k cavitation machine

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Cavitation is a rather quick, simple treatment performed by injecting your body’s tissues with ultrasound energy. This ultra-compressed sound energy will release cavitational bubbles that cause micro-streams of destruction through your tissues. The collapsing of cavitational bubbles will then tear apart the tissue and helps: 

  • Rejuvenate the body : Prolotherapy, where sterile saline and dextrose (sugar) and local anesthetics are injected into areas of the body that experience chronic pain and/or degeneration.
  • Relieves inflammation: Chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid supplements that help reduce joint pain and stiffness.
  • Stimulates muscle: Intramuscular injections that contain creatine phosphate are both a cell volumizer and moisturizer.
  • Rejuvenate the skin: Hypertonic saline with dextrose injections or ‘sclerotherapy’ are used to fade the appearance of spider veins on your legs.

This cavitation process is also known by various names, most notably cavitation or cavitation therapy; and can be used to treat any tissue.

How Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Work?

Cavitation works by releasing sound waves through a flexible tube called a transducer. The cavitation bubbles are then created by placing a specific frequency on top of the cavitation treatment solution, which produces cavities within your tissues namely vesicles. These cavities will collapse and be hypothesized to promote collagen production in order to remodel tissues back into its original shape.

Why Do People Get Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments?

Many undergo cavitation therapy to eliminate localized fat and cellulite. Ultrasonic cavitation machines are created to reduce fat from body areas such as the abdomen, waist, thighs, glutes, upper arms, as well as the face. Not many people can tolerate the pain of liposuction hence resorting to its pain-free counterpart—ultrasonic cavitation machines.

These machines use high-frequency heat and sound waves to penetrate the skin deep and break down stubborn fat cells. Then, the liquefied fat cells will excrete naturally by the liver through the lymphatic system.


The good news is that you can perform the procedure all by yourself, and at the comfort of your own home with the best cavitation machines for home use.

Which Frequency Should You Go for—40k or 80k?

Cavitation machines vary in prices, speed (k-values), cavities or bubbles per second, frequencies, pulse widths, cavitation energies levels, as well as treatment times. 

Based on cavitational energies, cavitation frequencies, cavitational pulses, cavitational amplitudes, cavitational bubble counts per pulse/second/area, and cavitational pressure: 

  • 40k has stronger cavitation 80k: The cavitational bubbles released by the 40 kHz cavitation machine features a cavitational pressure of 220 kPa, which is stronger than the cavitational bubbles released by the cavitation machine at 35k with a cavitational pressure of 200kPa.
  • The cavitations released by 40k are more powerful: One downsides of cavitation frequencies below 80kHz is that cavitational pressures can, at times, disrupt cavitational bubbles, causing cavitations to occur within the cavitations. Since cavitational energies of 40 kHz cavitation are stronger, they are more unlikely to disrupt cavitational bubbles and cause cavitation to happen inside cavitations. 
  • 40k has more cavities per second: On average, a cavitation machine with 40kHz has a cavitation bubble count of about 750 cavities per second whereas others lower.
  • The cavitations from 40k are more efficient: Due to strong cavitational energies from the 40 kHz frequency, there is a higher cavitation bubble count per cavitation—making cavitational energies more efficient and only last about 0.1 milliseconds. 

No one cavitation frequency is superior to another when it comes to breaking down fat cells. However, cavitational frequencies below 80 kHz are rather damaging due to cavitation bubbles colliding within cavitations and cavitations.

The best cavitation frequencies for breaking down fat cells are within the range or 30-50 kHz courtesy of their strong cavitational energies with a relatively low potential for causing cavitation pressure shock waves that can damage surrounding tissues.

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Best 40k Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines for Body Slimming

1. H HUKOER 40k Cavitation Machine 6-in-1

40k vs 80k cavitation machine

If you’re looking for a comprehensive cavitation done from home, the H HUKOER 40k Cavitation Machine is your best bet. Featuring a multitude of functions, a 40k cavitation wand for tightening, brightening and smoothening the skin while blasting stubborn fats. This machine comes with RF handles safe to be used on the body and the face, including dedicated vacuum and lipo probes. Suitable for people with wrinkles, sagging and dull skin, this seamless machine is easy to maneuver thanks to its intuitive fully coloured digital interface.

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