At-Home Microcurrent Tools: How to Maximize Microcurrent Facial Benefits

Beauty experts and celebrities have long been touting microcurrent facial benefits. You may have heard stories about how impressive and nearly instantaneous the results can be when it comes to reversing the signs of ageing.

Throwing back to those days when you would have to personally visit the spa to see if the stories are true, a significant number of at-home microcurrent devices have been surfacing across the beauty scene, enabling people to try it at the comfort of their own home. 

With that being said, these devices can cost you tons of money. To make sure if they’re actually worth your purchase, here’s how you can maximize microcurrent facial benefits and yield the results you desire.

microcurrent facial benefits

Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your At-Home Microcurrent Facial Device

1. Understand How Microcurrent Technology Works

It happens so often in skin care that many people use these tools without understanding what’s happening beneath the devices. To make the most of your microcurrent facial devices, it’s important to understand how it works and what steps to take in order for it to be effective in the long run. 

Microcurrent is a very tiny electrical current that mimics your body’s natural pulses. Putting it simply, our brain uses currents to communicate with other body parts through our neurological pathways, whereby it’s constantly sending signals. The microcurrent technology is mimicking those currents and sending them to our facial muscles—a process that encourages our muscles to act younger than they actually are. Nonetheless, the facial muscles can’t really tell if the signals are coming from the brain on the device you’re using. 

The entire process of helping your facial muscles act younger boils down to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), or a molecule naturally produced by the body to act as an energy currency. Essentially your body, particularly skin and muscles rely on this molecule as part of their regenerative process, creating more collagen, elastin, and many more. Without this molecule, our cells are bound to lose energy—and the bad news is that our natural production declines with age. If you’ve ever wondered why your skin becomes saggy, that’s precisely the reason. Microcurrent is to replenish and boost the ATP and hence, the production of collagen and elastin. 

microcurrent facial benefits

2. You Won’t Feel A Thing, Nor Will Your Muscles 

If you’re new to microcurrent, you might be curious as to whether those tiny electrical currents will sting you. The truth is that quality microcurrent devices won’t feel much like anything whatsoever. Some users reported the process being rather relaxing. If it’s a true microcurrent, your muscles shouldn’t be twitching or jumping. 

Should you use an at-home microcurrent facial device and your muscles respond to it, it could be a red flag. Chances are the device is too strong; that’s a strength not suitable for your body muscles. Your facial muscles are very small, delicate, and close to the skin—and they don’t need something that powerful.

3. Use a Quality Conductive Gel

Microcurrent requires a water-based conductive gel to function. In the beginning, people would use ultrasound gels but as the devices became more sophisticated and the technology more accessible to the masses, consumers started looking for skin-friendly formulations. 

We highly recommend non-irritating, high-quality and natural ingredients. Despite the perception that modern technology doesn’t work well with nature and holistic approaches, they in fact, go great together. Opt for conductive gels that are clean and free of ingredients that may cause long-term negative effects. On top of that, microcurrent tools allow ingredients to be penetrated further into the skin, so make sure that the ingredients don’t irritate the skin if you wish to maximize microcurrent facial benefits. Bear in mind that you also mustn’t use exfoliating ingredients or retinol.

How to Use an At-Home Microcurrent Device

As much as you’d like an instantaneous, one-off solution for all of your skin woes, you shouldn’t expect that from this, or any skin care treatment for that matter. Usually when you first start out, you can expect the results to last a couple of days. Of course, consistency is the key—so if you’re consistent enough throughout your regime, you’ll see longer-lasting results. Plus, the more comfortable and confident you get with using your microcurrent device, the better the results will be. 

The device can be used every other day. However, it’s also important to give your muscles a day off here and there, like how you would a workout. The amount of time you use it will depend on the device, but typically, it ranges from 5 to 10 minutes. Many devices come with a set timer to remind you when it’s done. Most devices also come with a conductive gel that you can apply before the treatment. While many TikTokers have claimed that they use different products such as aloe vera or water, skin care experts advise against it as you’re only un-intensifying the treatment by not using the correct products that are made to be paired alongside the device. If your goal is to maximize microcurrent facial benefits, stay away from this mistake. 

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