The Long Awaited Jinri Hot Air Brush Review : Is it Worth the Hype?

We understand how a bad-hair day can get on our nerves especially when we are in a rush and there is literally nothing much we can do to make them cooperate. We then resort to airbrushers, curlers, straighteners, but with the wide selection of hair styling tools available in the market, which is the one that can suit us best? There is no rule of thumb and we need to try them all out. And I have. Most of them are not as competent as advertised, but one, definitely worths all the hype.

The 3-in-1 Jinri Hot Air Brush, whether you have heard of it or not, is my personal favourite. The moment I purchased it, I knew I no longer needed to rely on the rest in my collection.  This amazing hot air brush comes with all the features you will ever need – curling, drying, styling, ask and you shall receive. It is specially designed to help get the perfect volume you envision in a mere one step. Trust me when I say it has saved me at least half an hour styling my hair. It usually takes longer.

 Apart from that, it brings your dull-looking hair back to life, making it shinier and keeping it healthier than ever before. The bristles on the brush are not scratchy whatsoever and function extremely well at detangling hair. If your hair tangles easily like mine, Jinri Hot Air Brush may have just become your new best friend.

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This one-step hair styler slash volumizer is perfect for quick styling. Rest assured that you can still slay throughout the day despite waking up in the morning late. Not forgetting to mention its weight which is the lightest amongst all the brushes I have previously used. Here are the ‘whats’ making me fond of Jinri Hot Air Brush, and some of the minor ‘whats’ slightly turning me off. Read on and discover. 


Less Hair Damage

Volumises Hair Naturally

Heat & Speed Settings


Abundant Styling Options




Can Be a Little Loud

Has to Be Used Alongside a Thermal Protection Spray

The Pros :

It Causes Less Damage To Your Hair 

The cutting-edge ceramic tourmaline technology applied in Jinri Hot Air Brush helps smoothen and add shine to your hair. Its negative ions effectively saturate the airflow to prevent your hair from over-drying which could lead to severe heat damage on the hair, making it frizzier and weaker. 

It Volumizes Your Hair Naturally 

The key feature you should prioritise when looking for a hair dryer and volumizer is the bristles. Jinri Hot Air Brush’s tangle-free-static bristles work seamlessly through strands of your hair and give you your desired level of volume without further damaging your scalp or your hair. 

It Allows Flexible Styling with Heat/Speed Settings 

Unlike typical hairdryers, 3-In-1 one step Jinri Hot Air Brush provides you with the optimal heat and temperature. Featuring a 1000 Watt power which is just about right to dry your hair and without feeling hot. In addition, its anti-tangling bristles make sure your hair does not appear frizzy. 

It is Extremely Cost-Saving 

Quit investing your dimes on different hair styling products and tools. I have tried it and I have regretted it until I crossed paths with Jinri Hot Air Brush. This hair dryer and volumizer gives your hair a flawless finish as though you have just gotten it done by a professional hairstylist. I am not even exaggerating at this point. I have saved tons on money thanks to it. 

It Extends Your Styling Options 

You may be wishing for wavy curls, high volume, or even straight hair; different hairstyles for different occasions, this magic brush can make it work for you. Whichever style you prefer, there are various functions you can utilise. The brush is designed with Nylon Pin for you to easily detangle, curl, and control your hair’s volume. Whether you have long, medium , short, curly or straight hair, Jinri Hot Hair Brush allows you to be your own hairstylist at home.

It Maximises Safety

The blower highlights a protective design (ALCI) that automatically switches off the brush when any abnormal conditions transpire. There is a built-in test button for you to check the operation prior to usage. All for the betterment of your safety. 

It is Easy to Bring Along for Travelling

Thanks to its compact 13.8 inches and 1.5 pounds design, you can easily pack it in your suitcase without consuming too much space. Simply on-the-go and functioning to prepare you for any impromptu event, say goodbye to the heavy luggages!

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The Cons :

It Can be a Little Loud

Beware because Jinri Hot Air Brush can be a little loud on the ear, creating noises you may not wish to deal with. Having said that, considering the stunning results, you can always close one eye to it. After all, it is not really too big of a problem to mention. All it takes is a maximum 30 minutes of endurance, and your hair is all good to go! It is excusable.

It Has to Be Paired Alongside a Thermal Protection Spray

This hair dryer can effectively reduce hair damage; however, to be more cautious, always use it with a thermal protection spray or a conditioning styling cream. That said, it is not a huge downside because experts have recommended the use of such creams and sprays to give your hair an additional layer of protection. You can see this as a win-lose?

Taking A Step Forward

The 3-In-1 Jinri Hot Air Brush comes with a two-year warranty followed by its compact design, lightweight, and proficiency. Most importantly, it features anti-tangling bristles that perfectly volumize your hair to your desired level, and a temperature that is just right for drying without being too hot on the scalp. Above all, it makes it easier for you to style your hair any way you want while it protects your hair from over-drying; thanks to its reliable heat distribution preventing heat damage and gives your hair a shiny, stylish, and healthy finish. To conclude my review, I would give Jinri Hot Air Brush a fair A. Get yours today! 

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Jinri Hot Air Brush


This amazing hot air brush comes with all the styling features you will ever need – curling, drying, ask and you shall receive; specially designed to help get the perfect volume you envision in a mere one step.

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