The Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Ionic AC Motor Hair Dryer Review: 2023 Best Hot Tools Hair Dryer

Hot Tools probably isn’t a brand you’re familiar with when it comes to hair-care. It certainly doesn’t have the same legacy as brands such as Dyson and Panasonic. Having said that, this brand was first launched in the US approximately 30 years ago before entering the market of UK and Europe in mid-2021, hopes to give its rivals a run for its money with a wide range of hair-care appliances including hair dryers, hair straighteners, and Dyson Airwrap alternatives.

hot tools hair dryer

The Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Ionic AC Motor Hair Dryer in A Bird’s Eye View

This Hot Tools hair dryer is advertised to be powerful and fast to dry hair whilst reducing frizz. It may be comfortable to use, it does lack a premium finish, the cable is shorter than average, and the filter can’t be removed, making it hard to clean.

Some of its pros are fast drying times, simplicity, and its UK version comes with a dual plug. The cons however, features a filter that isn’t removable, it lacks a premium feel and its cable that is shorter than average.

hot tools hair dryer


Temperature and Air Flow Settings

The Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Ionic AC motor hair dryer is amongst the brand’s most affordable hair dryers. It boasts three temperature and two air flow settings, together with a cool shot button for setting styles. 

This Hot Tools hair dryer is powered by an AC (alternating current) motor, which the brand claims to dry hair up to 40% faster than a DC (direct current motor), though AC motors are heavier than that of DC’s models.


hot tools hair dryer

This hair dryer comes with a diffuser and a concentrator nozzle that enables you to create everything from bouncy curls to sleek and smooth hairstyle. On top of that, this Hot Tools hair dryer can also generate and release negative ions into the air flow to seal and flatten hair cuticles, and prevent frizz. 

The concentrator gets to create smooth, sleek styles; and the diffuser, on the other hand, disperses the air stream to maintain curly hair.


The Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Ionic AC motor hair dryer looks just as you’d anticipate such an appliance to look, featuring a wide barrel that tapers into a smaller opening at the front, along with a handle.

Weighing in at 565g/ 1.3lbs, it certainly isn’t the bulkiest and heaviest hair dryer we’ve encountered. Having said that, using the hair dryer on its lowest temperature level may give you some arm ache due to the length of time it takes to dry hair. 

In the UK, this hair dryer offers 2000w of power whereas in the US, only 1875W of power. Nevertheless, both versions of the Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Ionic AC motor hair dryer come with a cool-shot button that delivers a cold blast of air to “lock in” your style.

The power cord though is shorter than many hair dryers on the market. There’s also a dust filter on the back of the hair dryer that isn’t removable, making it difficult to clean.

Furthermore, this Hot Tools hair dryer feels balanced in the hand when you blow-dry, and is comfortable to hold.


The Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Ionic AC motor hair dryer definitely isn’t sluggish in terms of its drying time on the hottest setting. It will take only about four minutes to dry below-shoulder-length fine hair from damp to fully dry. Suppose you reduce the temperature to a slightly lower setting, it’ll add only an additional 34 seconds to dry. 

In terms of noise, it has levels similar to those of a vacuum cleaner. However, since hair dryers are likely to be on for just a few minutes at a time, it can be compromised.

Our Final Thoughts: To Buy or Not to Buy?

To those on a budget, this is one of the most affordable hair dryers so far that boasts an ionic technology. Plus, if you wish for a choice of attachments, the Hot Tools Pro Signature Ionic AC motor hair dryer has it for you to create a range of styles from bouncy looks to smooth and sleek tresses.

To those who prefer an easy-to-clean hair dryer, this certainly isn’t the easiest to clean. And you need a long power cable if your power outlet isn’t anywhere near to where you dry your hair. Regardless, it’s still one of the best hair dryers 2023 you can rely on,

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