The $89 BaByliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Hair Dryer 3000 Review: Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair?

One thing you can never go wrong with is to choose the best Babyliss hair dryer. They’re one of the top names in creating quality hair care tools that you can blindly trust, and rest assured that they live up to your expectations. Their variety of dryers come in all shapes, sizes and designs, and most importantly, highly durable courtesy of their robust motors which are practical for fast and neat drying. 

Out of the brand’s myriad of options, we are particularly obsessed with the Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Hair Dryer 3000, one of the most powerful hair dryers for thick hair in the market. If you have rather thick and dense hair, hear us out, this tourmaline titanium hair dryer may just be the next thing you swear by. 

Babyliss Pro TT is the company’s series of tourmaline hair styling products. This line of tools combines pure tourmaline and ceramic technologies to impart optimum results. In this review, we will tell you everything about this best Babyliss hair dryer. 

babyliss pro tourmaline titanium hair dryer 3000 review

The Technology Behind Babyliss’ Pro Tourmaline Titanium Hair Dryer 3000

babyliss pro tourmaline titanium 3000 review

Tourmaline hair dryers such as this, emit infrared heat, which is a lot gentler on hair that is highly susceptible to damage and breakage. It generates negative ions, speeds up the drying process and seals up hair cuticles. 

As a matter of fact, fine, frizzy and curly hair types are highly prone to breakage. Hence, the less time you expose your hair to heat, the better.

The Babyliss tourmaline titanium hair dryer 3000 seals up hair cuticles whilst its negative ions impart a smooth and shiny appearance to the hair without weighing it down.

Once the hair cuticles are sealed up, the aforementioned hair types will get definition and keep their natural texture. 

Power & Heat Settings

The Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Hair Dryer 3000 comes with three power and three heat settings, along with a cold shot button to “lock in” your styles and further seal up strands. Featuring 1,900 watts, you’re given great power without the need to turn up heat.

Design & Attachments

At your first glance, there is not much difference between this and other hair dryers. However, take a closer look at it and you’ll notice that this tourmaline infrared hair dryer has a soft-touch rubberised finish for its casing. It’s designed in such a way to be more comfortable to hold which is less tiring on the hand when you blow dry. 

This hair dryer is also considered as lightweight but is certainly not the lightest amongst its counterparts. It comes with a 9-foot long cord with a hanging loop, and with only one concentrator as attachment.

Pros of Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Hair Dryer 3000

According to online reviews, this tourmaline titanium hair dryer is highly rated by consumers and the majority of them are satisfied with their purchases. These compliments include: 

  • Dries hair fast
  • Smoothens flyaways
  • Lightweight


There are also factors that would put you off from purchasing it, which includes: 

  • A concentrator that pops off
  • Doesn’t last long
  • Gets overheated
  • Red coating tends to stain when it gets overheated

Our Final Verdict of Babyliss’ Tourmaline Infrared Hair Dryer 3000

Despite the cons, this hair dryer from Babyliss is certainly one of the best hair dryers 2022 out there, and one that is economical. It suffices for a soft and shiny look unless you’re suffering from extremely dry hair. It promotes healthy hair, boasts a sleek ergonomic design, eliminates frizz, and is lightweight. This best Babyliss hair dryer definitely deserves a vote of confidence.

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