Dyson Hair Dryer Review: Is It Really That Good And Worth It?

The first thing that you probably saw was the extremely elegant, futuristic design of Dyson, the business that is most famous for its Premium Vacuum Cleaners, that introduced the Supersonic Hair Dryer in 2016 – unlike any other hair dryer on the market.

You undoubtedly noticed the second thing? It also costs $399.99 or $629.90, which is to be precise (on Amazon), unlike any other dryer available on this market. And you were definitely dubious about if its talents were really worth the expenditure if you are someone who has troubled about pricing.

So the question that often occurs is that, is it really worth the money and the hype? Let’s find out!

What Comes Along With The Dyson Hair Dryer?

The Dyson Supersonic is included with a variety of well-packed items including a heating pad, a hanging hook, and three attachments:

1. The Diffuser

The airflow is controlled, gentle, and diffused, ideal for quick air drying or to make use of your natural curls to avoid frostbite.

2. Smoothing Nozzle

It makes you roughly dry with your fingertips but keeps the airflow control steady – less speed, no unrestful air explosion.

3. Focusing Styling Concentrating

This is a very fine dust that throws the air in one direction and lightens your hair in a circular brush. The attachments are magnetically adjusted, making swapping very efficient.
There is a variety of buttons on the dryer itself which enable the heat and speed to increase; with little LEDs, there are 3 speeds and 4 heat levels – really sleek. They are also very useful magnetic attachments. They are easy to slip on and off, and if you need to twist one, it’s a brief breeze.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Specs

Length: 9.6′′ It’s somewhat lengthy, but it makes the weight very comfortable in your palm!

Depth: 3.1′′ — There are so many classic hair dryers with lengthy fins. This is not a feature I love and it is not. It really even lifts the balance in your hand and does not harm your wrist.

Weight: 1.8 pounds — To be honest, I don’t know what other hairdryers weigh, but compared to my older clunker I found this one to be extremely lightweight.

It also has a very long lead that is excellent about this hair dryer, so that you can plug it in difficult spots and still get into the mirror.

Dyson has produced a number of helpful YouTube tutorials on its Dyson Hair channel which are pretty simple and educational in addition to its luxury package, which teaches you how to use every attachment, which heat and airflow settings are ideal and how the style can best benefit from your natural hair.

What Makes Dyson Hair Dryer Unique Then?


The look of the Dyson Supersonic distinguishes in more than one way: the engine is in the handle instead of the head. This was a smart choice since this design typically makes hair dryers so heavy and makes you feel sick. It is also generally lighter, presumably because of a more compact engine.

This positioning causes a lot less risk of precious strands of hair being sucked into the fan – a disaster that most women know all too well.

The main problem with this construction is that the usual movement of rolling strands between the brush and the dust is broken. I found this at first unsettling, but after looking at the instructional videos, how to operate the dryer became much more apparent. And everything takes to get accustomed to, naturally. In any case, it’s worth the arm pain exchange.

In addition, Dyson Supersonic features a built-in microprocessor that monitors and controls air temperature 20 times a second. This helps in turn to avoid severe damage to heat. You will note that even after extended periods of usage there is no terrible burning scent, and your hair will appear glossy… but more about that later.

Dyson Supersonic Dryer's Pros and Cons


It is light and not heavy to move easier: This is particularly good if you have long or thick, longer to dry hair.

Dyson once said that he would take off 8 minutes from the drying. It dries hair quickly and thoroughly: I don’t believe it’s so much reduced, but it dries quickly and dries more completely, certainly. I frequently felt that my hair was still a bit wet after a lengthy dry time with my previous drier.

It makes the hair more smooth and glossy: after I have used the item, I can’t believe it to become smooth and shining. I sense like I’ve been coming from the living room.


The Price Tag: This is the one big negative point. You can buy such cheap conventional hairdryers, and it isn’t. Fortunately, you can purchase a reconditioned one, like most of Dyson’s goods, far less than purchasing brand new ones.

The chord is quite voluminous. This isn’t an enormous issue, but it’s a thicker chord with a punch that makes travel a little heavier.

How is it beneficial for your hair?

The biggest victory for Dyson, however, isn’t the sound: it’s what your hair does. And the advantages are difficult to overlook. Many beauty brands claim to have invented hair-providing or harm prevention technology. Dyson’s product is an integrated microprocessor that measures and regulates air temperature twenty times per second. In turn, this serves to safeguard and avoid significant damage to heat.

Most hair straighteners say the same thing, but a big difference I’ve never seen. But that has an unbelievable hairdryer. Two Coconut Oil pumps are generally necessary to relieve its straw-like texture and smooth waves.

The use of the smoothing nozzle helps, in addition to tempering rules, to avoid hair follicle disruptions, reduce the hair shaft and retain moistures.

You don’t even want to use hair straighteners that save you time and more hair damage, moreover, afterward (a crucial element of my approach.

How To Use The Dyson Hair Dryer?

It’s rather straightforward. It has multiple heat settings like other hair dryers so you’re able to adjust them quickly on the back of the dryer. There are 3 hot and cool buttons plus a fantastic shooting feature to set your hair when you work with a round brush or style it—something that I still have to perfect.

You just press the controls at the rear to turn the heat or cold up or down and adjust them properly.

Any of the many attachments may be used, I recommend a daily use nozzle and a regular blow-dry! But I’m not a pro. I want to have better blow drying advice for you.

Results and Drying Time

The Supersonic was not only drying my hair and styling, it happened in record speed. My hair was brilliant and flattered with the smoothing nozzle in approximately five minutes. The diffuser shaped my curls very abundantly. The stylish dust made it easier for me to make uneven waves than other hot tools. Altogether, the impacts I witnessed on every attachment shocked me immensely!

Frizzing Effect

Some hair types tend to get cold. Dyson significantly reduces down hair friction and lightens your hair as any other hairdryer. There is an air heat sensor inside and it is said to dry your hair faster than any other drier with lower heat. With a kind of Dyson magic.

Sound and Weight

Another big benefit, which never gets my hand tired, is that it is much lighter than other coating dryers. It’s much quieter, too.


It offers 3 heat configurations and 3 airflow choices. For full blowouts or touchups, it is extremely beneficial. I’ll frequently be smooth and dry in the evening when I am especially sleepy or sluggish at night.

Heat Protection

The fingers are also not scorching, because the attachments and surface of the dryer never get overheated. However, before applying heat, I advise you to use thermal protective spray or cream.

Non Tangling Cord

Until I tried Dyson, I never understood how much a tangled cable had been a thing. I always tweak the cord out of my curling iron, but Dyson, the geniuses they are, has discovered a means of avoiding that.


The Dyson also has a two-year guarantee, which is very good in view of the price. They also back up all their items with their amazing customer service when you buy from Nordstrom. My buddy has a northern NuFace

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Final Verdict:

You’re not going to go back after you’ve used this hairdryer. And until I was using another hairdryer I didn’t realize how true: when I returned to my previous drier my hair appeared frightening, straw-like and it felt “overdried” without any water leaving. I sought the silky threads of the Dyson instantly.

Those with very straight or flat hair cannot gain so much from what we have read from user reviews (straight hair is already very shiny because the strand structure is smooth, it is rough follicles that hold a wave or curl).

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer will transform your life if you have fried hair, which you would want to turn into smooth, luscious strands.

The Dyson isn’t cheap, but it’s worth spending every cent if you want to tick boxes to make life more comfortable, especially for those in a hurry who want to combine straightening with drying and require a quieter living.


Where To Buy Dyson Hair Dryer?

Cheaper than a $300 mark might be a tough find where Dyson.is concerned.

One way we’ve discovered that you can acquire it somewhat cheaper is by purchasing it brand-new on Amazon – 10 percent of codes are often placed on the website in different categories (tech is often one of them). So be careful.

You may also immediately see and purchase Dyson’s website.


Is it worth the Supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer? The price is frightening but I’d argue that it’s worth it based on its advantages and the longevity of the device itself. You don’t buy a hair dryer like hair products every few months. For over 6 years, I have owned my hair dryers and it still works hard.

The dryer is supposed to avoid severe warmth damage, when the temperature is measured 20 times a seconde so that your hair is consistently healthy.



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