Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes? Here’s Our Answer!

Unless you want to damage your natural lashes, get your eyelash extensions done by a professional lash technician at all cost. We reveal the most common mistakes to stay away from if you want to maintain the health of your lashes. 

“Do lash extensions damage your lashes?” is amongst the most raised concerns we’ve heard in the lash scene, especially for one who has never gotten one done before. 

Most of us want to try eyelash extensions but of course, not at the expense of our natural lashes. So, could it possibly be damaging to your eyelashes?

In brief, eyelash extensions do not damage your eyelashes provided they are applied properly. To prevent damage, lash extensions should also be meticulously selected — in terms of length and thickness — and applied correctly to one natural eyelash at a time.

do lash extensions damage your lashes

Why Aren’t Eyelash Extensions Damaging to Your Natural Lashes?

The complete growth cycle of a single natural lash ranges from 5 to 90 days depending on genetics. Hairs will grow a certain length and then stop. Finally, they shed after reaching its maximum length. 

1:1 application

Because eyelash extensions are applied one lash at a time to a single natural lash, the natural lash can freely go through the growth cycle and eventually shed with the extension attached to it.

When the growth cycle of your natural lashes isn’t hindered, eyelash extensions shouldn’t cause any damage to your natural lashes — a basic concept every lash technician should master. 

Wearing appropriate eyelash extensions generally doesn’t affect the growth cycle of your natural lashes. 

Three Incorrect Applications That Are Set to Damage Your Natural Lashes!

The three most commonly made mistakes amongst eyelash technicians that can damage your natural lashes are: 

1) Overly heavy extensions: 

The most crucial factor in choosing the appropriate lash extensions is not only the natural lash length but also its thickness.

Taking into account two of these variables will allow the technician to select an eyelash extension that balances out with the natural lashes. 

Presuming the extension is too heavy, it can add burden to the natural lash to which it is attached. This could ultimately result in premature shedding and natural lash loss.

2) Stickies:

A sticky is when two or more lashes and/or extensions are glued together. They made one of the biggest culprits damaging lashes and are often mistakenly done by less experienced lash artists. 

Here is what will happen when you have stickies on. 

First of all, you have a cluster of lashes and extensions that are glued together. Besides being visually unpleasant, it is also extremely bad for your natural lashes.

Let’s say a natural lash in the “sticky” is still in its growing phase, it’ll continue to grow and pull on the other lashes glued to it. Even worse, it can gradually pull out those other lashes.

When the natural lash completes its growth cycle, it’ll shed. Having said that, by doing so, it also pulls on other lashes and extensions that are part of the “sticky”.

3) Nailheads

A nailhead is when the eyelash extension is glued to the skin. This should always be avoided. A correctly attached extension is carefully glued to a natural lash and the skin should never touch the glue.

In the event of nailheads, baby lashes can risk being ripped out overtime and making it hard for new lashes to grow since the hair follicle is clogged. 

Will Your Natural Eyelashes Grow Back After Being Damaged by Extensions?

You can only experience the disadvantages of eyelash extensions when you get them done by an unprofessional lash technician. So, will your natural lashes grow back after the long painful journey? 

Similar to any hair on your body, your eyelashes are able to grow back naturally. The growth rate of your natural eyelashes is around 1 to 2 inch per month. Note that some individuals may experience faster growth while others slower under different circumstances.

It will take roughly 6 to 10 weeks for your lashes to return to their original state. 

Though, you can make use of some lashes growth serums to accelerate the regrowth of damaged lashes. Check out our verdict on the fLash Eyelash Serum that claims to grow out your lashes in a flash. 

On top of that, there are certain no-smudge makeup removers and conditioners which can help nourish your lashes after an extension job. The ingredients involved are able to promote faster regrowth of eyelashes naturally. 

Is It Wise to Give Your Natural Lashes a Break In Between Extensions?

Breaks aren’t necessary if your eyelash extensions are done correctly. We just couldn’t stress this enough. 

In fact, eyelash extensions won’t make your natural lashes fall out any faster that they would normally; rather, they follow their growth cycle. 

During your refill appointment, your eyelash stylist will be able to access the health of your lashes. The length and thickness of your extensions will then be suggested based on the observations made. 

Do Eyelash Extensions Shorten Your Natural Lashes?

No, they don’t. Lash extensions that are applied correctly, chosen wisely given the weight the natural lash can bear, and cared for suitably ensure a healthy lash line.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Again, eyelashes follow a natural cycle of shedding and regrowth. At a different stage and at any point in time, some of your lashes are getting ready to fall out while others are still experiencing a period of growth. Since an individual extension is applied to an individual lash, the extension will fall out on its own when the eyelash sheds from the lash line. If you aren’t exacerbating this shedding process by rubbing your eyes, applying mascara or compromising the glue with oily eye products, your lash extensions should last up to a month long before your next refill appointment. 

In a Nutshell

Eyelash extensions work, plain and simple. They can enhance almost anyone’s eyelashes, which means you’ll wake up with fuller, longer, darker lashes—but not without paying the price. With that being said, eyelashes are hair after all, and in most cases will grow back within a few weeks. They’re not necessarily good for you, but they’re not likely to cause any serious health concerns either, so you may decide that the aesthetics of extensions outweigh the potential side effects (which, most commonly, include irritation, infection, and allergic reactions).

If you’re planning to get eyelash extensions, have them applied by a professional, licensed technician to avoid these side effects.

If you’re willing to give it a vote of confidence, it’s time you take your pick among classic, volume or hybrid eyelash extensions, where each type can give off a different lash effect.

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