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Kérastase Densifique Masque Densité Replenishing Masque

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Herbal Essences Bio Renew Hydrate Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner

Have you got curly hair but aren’t sure what kinds of curls you’re coping with? Whether you have lovely bouncing ringlets, flowing beach waves, or a beautiful curl pattern, it’s not just a kick that determines what kind of curls; it dictates what kind of hair styling products and methods you should use to care for your hair.

You will be more equipped to make your curls look and feel their best if you know what sort of curly hair you have. This blog post is for you, if you want to promote your hair texture and acquire gorgeous, natural hair.

A simple breakdown: the type 1. are straight; the type 2 is wavy; the type 3.

The sub-classifications from A to C depend on your wave, curl, or spinal pattern in width or diameter. Kind B’s medium, Type C’s smallest of the three are of a broader size. “The actual beauty of recognising your type of hair is that it makes you better grasp how to care for your texture so that you can become more versatile.


The 9 Types of Curls

1. Type 2A

The hair of the type 2A grows directly at the top and falls to the end. The form of the wave slightly differs from the straight lines. Easily “S”-waved hair, which remains near the head and tends to be in good density.

When you have type 2A, your hair and body have a small wave. Depending on porosity, Frizz can be a factor. Usually, you’ve got medium to lower hair (depending upon chemical or heat damage). Hydration of shampoos and conditioners will help to minimize frost, particularly for longer distances.

2. Type 2B

The wave generally occurs in the form of a S like type 2a throughout the hair, but the hair is closer to the head. Type 2b waves may be somewhat more frisky in the head crown and quickly lose curl.

3. Type 2C

The coarsest of the wavy hair patterns are these waves. In contrast to the waves, they consist of a few more real curls. Type 2C waves are commonly defined as waves of small to medium size, which expand in the form of a letter S.

4. type 3A

Curls display a distinct, well-defined and usually springy loopy “S” pattern. Type 3a curls have the breadth of a sidewalk crab circumference. The curls normally look like waves when hair is wet, but when they dry they acquire a three dimensional form of a swirling. Each hair type beach might be unique. Look for products that are specifically designed to avoid friction and curls. This is the category with which various hair kinds (fine, medium, thick) are most frequently involved and which mix wave and cool strands.

5. Type 3B

Curls are bigger and smaller than curls of type 3a — the sharpie marker size. 3A curls are recognized to manage some of the quickest curl kinds, and may not even be very stylish with the appropriate products. Look for mild creams for style and drying that help manage strands.

6. Type 3C

Curls are about the circumference of a crab or stroke and look like tight cork crews. The hair in Type 3c is usually more dense and gross than the hair of Type 2 or 3.

7. Type 4A

Tightly coiled hair with a pattern of “S.” It has higher humidity and a visible curl pattern than types 4b bands. The spiral is close to the circumference of a crochet needle. Type 3C hair has smaller and stronger than 3B furrows and can range from perfectly formed to loose helixes.

8. Type 4B

The curve of the beach is ‘Z’ and its curls are less pronounced. The hair curls in acute angles resembling the letter “Z” rather than curling or coiling. The hair of type 4b is firmly buckled and can feel weakened to the touch.

9. Type 4C

Hair is made of strands that are hardly clumped unless styling techniques are used. 4c hair can range with dense packed strands from the fine, thin and silky to coarse.

Here are some best products that can be used for curly hair

1. Herbal Essences Bio Renew Hydrate Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner

Use shampoos and containers, rich in humidifying ingredients and softly pat dry hair without excessive rubbing, to minimise damage.

Key Feature:

Not only does it nourish dry hair, but it is also pH-balanced and color safe, something that is very important to me since my hair is color treated.

2. Alaffia's EveryDay Coconut shampoo

Made of unrefined coco oil, with no synthetic or artificial colours. The coconut daily is beautiful, natural and cleanses your hair and leaves it hydrated and healthy without any residue. Don’t buy the daily shea, though. It does not smooth out the hair and leaves an accumulation.

Key Feature:

Alaffia products don’t contain sulfates or parabens. Our products are also free of phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, silicones, artificial fragrance or synthetic coloring.

3. Pattern Leave-In Conditioner

Before styling, make sure your hair is always properly conditioned. Try a rich, damp or dry hair conditioner like Pattern Leave-In Conditioner for tight, coily textured strands and packed with soothing plant oils.

Key Feature:

Many curlies utilise a leaving-in packer or a daily packer as a stylist. Curls are better than any stylist defined by the conditioner, keeping them hydrates until they have an oil stitched.

4. Head & Shoulders Royal Oils Deep Moisture Masque

Award winner Head & Shoulders Royal Oils Deep Moisture Masque, scored high in GH Beauty Lab testing for reducing scalp and hair dryness in tests on women with textured strands.

Key Feature:

With regular use, Head and Shoulders Royal Oils Deep Moisture Masque balances and restores scalp health.

5. Kérastase Densifique Bodifying Masque

The Densifique Masque Densite Replenishing Masque contains Stemoxydine, a molecule to make the hair feel stronger, and hyaluronic aggregate, which make your hair thicker and fuller by plumping every hair fibre, are included to the hair mask.

Key Feature:

If you have good hair, this hair mask is worth the money. It makes your hair strong and lustrous and also healthy

6. Orlando Pita Well Behaved Anti-Frizz Cream Serum

Orlando Pita Play’s Well Behaved™ Serum is an anti-frizz cream that smooths tresses while protecting against damage. The product effectively treats split ends, leaving hair soft, silky and shiny and is best recommended as a wet hair treatment that will detangle locks and prevent damage.

Key Feature:

Smooths the cuticle and treats split ends for soft, silky, healthier-looking hair.

7. Goldwell Kerasilk Control Rich Protective Oil

This protective oil is great for extremely unmanageable, unruly and frizzy hair. · Unique formula provides humidity and heat protection against hot tools.

Key Feature:

Gives light intensive care to frizzy unmanageable hair

Why does it matter to know your curl?

Types of curls are an excellent way to identify your routine. So you can prevent waste of time with excessively weak products if you have large curls and go for heavily hit curl cream. Or versa – you can focus on things you don’t want to weigh on if you have fine waves.

Each person is continually faced with the texture of their hair and how it might be enhanced. A leave-in product and a curl definer make up the traditional routine. However, as with everything, it will be easier to choose the best curly hair products for you the better you can know your hair.

The products listed here have raving customer reviews and certified by reliable authorities. Try the one that best suits your needs and fits your budget. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We would love to hear from you!

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Kérastase Densifique Bodifying Shampoo


The densifying kérastasis Bain Densité and Masque Densité are a fine or slimming hair shampoo and conditioning masks.



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