12 Best Hair Dryers for The Best Blowout Session at Home!

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Supersonic Hair Dryer

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One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

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Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

You may deal with a substandard blow dryer for years and be fine, but why do you want anything less than the greatest hair dryer on the market? You deserve a flawless look in comfort in your house, without frosty flyovers, severe heat damages and extensive drying periods.

It begins with the necessary instruments to implement it. However, no matter how worried you are, whether you blow-dry every day or blow-dry once a week, or are seeking for anything swiftly to dry your curly hair. Here are the top hair drying machines to pull your hands on.

20 Best Hair Dryers At Home [2021 Updated]

1. Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

Built for speed, in GH Beauty Lab testing the BaBylissPro tool has dried quickly and earned the perfect result for time-drying. It also scored strong airflow marks and easy-to-use buttons and accessories. “They look lovely, not too loud but powerful and they operate fantastically!” remarked a tester.

Key Feature:

Has a great grip while hair drying. Has 3 heat settings; 2 speed and it is also easy to use and hold.

2. D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

This hair dryer comes with a air concentrator and diffuser is provided with two attachments. One reviewer suggested using the convenient loop for quick, out-of-sight storage by pushing it at a hook.

Key Feature:

Concentrator and diffuser included and comes with 3 speed changes.

3. One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

This top seller hairdryer brush is worth the blow: In half time, a typical hair drier and a round brush combo dry and smoothens even super-curly hair. Its elliptical form is intuitive and user-friendly and does not fatigue the weapons.

Key Feature:

Its smoothing bristles mean tons of blowout-level swingy body, from root to tip.

4. Supersonic Hair Dryer

This unique design (the motor is in the handle!) is faster than any model with the strongest air-flow and dried hair. Testers liked it looked elegant and enthused that it was smoother for the hair, and in less time.

Key Feature:

Smoothing nozzle, concentrator, and diffuser included

5. Professional Turbo Ionic DC Blue Hair Dryer

This model earned near-perfect scores for drying speed tests. Testers loved its small size and that it left their hair less frizzy. It takes a lot less time to dry your hair than usual. People loved it for its easy-to-reach controls and comfortable shape.

Key Feature:

The technology with heat activating moves air-conditioners so that the hair remains extremely smooth, soft and silky.

6. Ceramic + Ion Professional Hair Dryer

No risk of arm tiredness when drying your hair with the Olivia Garden. Due to its vigorous airflow and temperature, Beauty Lab investigation found it to dry hair fast without feeling warm on the scalp. It has been easy to handle and use and has been scored perfectly for handling fittings, with a suitably long cord.

Key Feature:

Dries hair quickly and doesn’t feel hot on the scalp

7. GrapheneMX Brushless Professional Hair Dryer

Avoid damaging, painful scorching on the scalp or strands with the Bio Ionic hairdryer. Sleek, balanced, not too heavy or huge and forceful in size. Sleek and fine looking hair dryer.

Key Feature:

Has the lowest air temperature at the highest of three settings, yet still dried hair samples quickly. 

8. Ultra Smooth Professional Hair Dryer

The Cricket model emitted the greatest heat, so that even dense or dirty hair could swiftly dry. With 150°F, the air temperature in the top dryers was the highest, making it a suitable choice for thick hair. It was well appreciated for everything else.

Key Feature:

There are three heat and three speed settings, so that you may precisely adapt your hair type and texture to meet your needs.

9. Wazor Infrared Hair Dryer Ceramic Ionic Blow Dryer

As we have mentioned, ionic technology is a superb option to tamp off mistaken friction. These days practically every dryer offers you the possibility to find, but this one deposits even more ions than other dryers to smooth your strands totally. There are three heat and three speed settings, so that you may precisely adapt your hair type and texture to meet your needs.

Key Feature:

Has a great grip to hold while drying your hair

10. 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer

This device is great for travel as it is dual voltage — that means you can use it without problem in different countries. Moreover, the handle folds so that your case consumes less room!

Key Feature:

There are 2 heat settings; 2 speeds with dual voltage and compact.

11. Neuro Dry Hair Dryer

The dryer has a heat and power setting digital LED display with “clean filter” light. Due of the airflow and high heat conditions, it has obtained a high drying rating in Beauty Lab tests. Testers also rated it a good mark for minimising frisk, with one mark adding completeness.

Key Feature:

Digital LED display for heat and power settings

12. Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer

With its strong AC motor, Conair’s pro-quality model reduces drying time. “My thick, long hair was great and dried in record time,” one Amazon reviewers said. It was fantastic. Moreover, the detachable filter makes a breeze for purification of lint and dirt

Key Feature:

Easy to be taken and held


What’s the fantastic elements of a hair dryer?

– Adjustable heat and speed adjustments featuring a cool shot button to help you close the cuticle of your hair and lock it in style, preventing friction once dried up. Attachments really change the textures because they impact a hair dryer’s airflow.

– Diffusion is wonderful for those with curly hair, since air passes from the air from the hair dryer to the ends of hair, preventing frizz and can even add volume to the bends of the hair.

– The concentrationists limit the airflow of the hair drier down to smooth, stylish blow air on the hair. They are available in various sizes for various purposes: Wide, extended concentrator pins for wider surfaces and “helpful for thick, long hair as they help it dry more quickly,” explains Sabina Wizemann, Beauty Laboratory Senior Chemist. 

Curly, frosty hair provides short, narrow concentrator nozzles with a slim blow, as its intense fluxes are fantastic to remove friction.

The hair dryers listed here have raving customer reviews and certified by reliable authorities. Try the one that best suits your needs and fits your budget. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We would love to hear from you!

Editor's Choice


Supersonic Hair Dryer


This unique design (the motor is in the handle!) is faster than any model with the strongest air-flow and dried hair. Testers liked it looked elegant and enthused that it was smoother for the hair, and in less time.



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