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Regular Strength Hair Color Remover

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MALIBU C Color Correction


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Whether you used at-home hair colour or not, the perfect hair colour doesn’t always turn out as anticipated. Perhaps the red hair colour you chose looks great in photographs but does not suit your skin tone. Perhaps your hue became a shade or two (or five) darker than you had planned. Whatever occurred, if you wish there was an undo button for your dye job, hair colour removers can assist.

However, if you can’t get into a salon to have your hair colour professionally fixed, at-home removers aren’t completely out of the question—as long as you go into the procedure understanding that they won’t always restore your hair to its former hue. However, they can lessen semi-permanent and permanent colours to the point that you can colour your hair again. So, with that in mind, read on for the finest hair colour removers that will lighten your dye job without completely damaging your hair.

What exactly is Hair Color Remover?

An artificial hair color extractor, often known as a hair dye remover or a hair color stripper, is a very effective and one of the least damaging methods of removing artificial color pigments from your hair.

Health Benefits of Stealth Haircare:

A color stripper is a product that is specifically intended to remove oxidative (permanent) dye from hair. Color removal products do not often use ammonia or bleaching chemicals. If you choose the correct brand and use the product just on occasion, it will not do major harm to your hair.

Common Sense with Scents with:

Color removers may be used at home, but be sure to carefully follow the recommendations and apply the product correctly. Because the strong sulfur scent may be difficult for some individuals to handle, it is recommended that you wash your hair many times during the rinsing stage to remove the majority of the smell. Use your common sense when it comes to smells!:

When Should You Use a Color Stripper?

1. Color Chaos To Remove Unwanted Color:

A colour stripper is your new best friend if you tried a different brand of your chosen shade and it turned out darker than you wanted. Alternatively, if you coloured your natural blonde hair a deeper hue and are unhappy with the results, try a colour remover as a rescue ranger! In any instance, a hair dye remover is the most efficient technique to undo an unfavourable colour application and create a suitable foundation for a new colour.

2. Color remover for pre-treatment:

This product may be used to eliminate the build-up from prior colour treatments, prepare your hair for re-coloring, and attain your desired shade.

Is Dye Remover Harmful to Your Hair?

Keep in mind that colour strippers remove only the artificial dyes, not the structure of your hair when it comes to damage control. They are less harmful to your hair than bleach or ammonia-based preparations. However, repeatedly washing and rinsing your hair with warm water can deplete your hair with natural oils, leaving your strands feeling dry. After that, you must use a conditioner! To assist restore moisture and suppleness, a thorough conditioning treatment should be performed. Do damage control to keep your hair looking great!

How to Make Use of Color Removers

Be careful that using a day remover in a chilly and draughty room is not a good idea. Also, cover your clothing and adjacent surfaces, since the substance may stain them. Wear gloves at all times and make certain that any things utilized are made of plastic or glass.

Step 1 

Use a clarifying shampoo to shampoo your hair twice. Rinse and towel dry your hair since it should be clean and wet before applying the product. Some products should be used to dry hair as directed. In both situations, your hair must be completely clean.

Step 2

Dye removal kits are packaged in two bottles, one containing an acid solution and the other a sulfur-reducing agent. To produce a chemical reaction, you must follow the instructions and mix them together.

Step 3 

You must act quickly during the application step because once the solutions are mixed together, the product begins to lose its efficacy. Apply the mixture to the hair right away using a tint brush. If you have long hair, pour the product into your gloved hand and apply it with your fingertips. To achieve equal dispersion, use a wide-toothed plastic comb.

Step 4

Once your hair is well drenched with the mixture, cover it with a processing cap and apply medium heat for 20 minutes. To keep your hair warm, use a blow dryer. Heat aids in the opening of the cuticle and the elimination of colour. If you don’t use a blow dryer, put a towel over the plastic cap to keep your hair warm.

Step 5

The rinsing stage is the most critical element of the procedure and must be completed correctly. The pigment particles in the hair are washed off during this process. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly by directing the water into the hair many times. To keep the cuticles open, each shampoo should be followed by a lengthy warm rinse.\

So, with that in mind, read on for the finest hair colour removers that will lighten your dye job without completely damaging your hair.

8 Best Hair Color Removers

1. Regular Strength Hair Color Remover

For good reason, this product is a cult favourite for permanent and semi-permanent colour removal (it has over 100 five-star ratings on Amazon). “I was ecstatic with the outcomes,” one reviewer remarked. Many people have reported that their hair lightened and the colour showed through.

Key Feature:

Very easy to use


Easy application

Light formula


Cannot be kept too long

Leaves residue

2. COLOR X-CHANGE Phase-Out Gentle Dye Decolorizer + Intensive Hair Mask

This product functions similarly to a leave-in conditioner. To use, combine the two packets to make a thick, jelly-like material that you apply to your hair. Allow it to soak in while you sleep and then wash it out in the morning. “When I shampooed, so much crimson came out,” one reviewer commented. “I wasn’t expecting much because there’s no bleach, but this was incredible!”

Key Feature:

The solution just takes 20 minutes to work and conditions your hair in the process.


Moisturize hair

Best for dry, normal and average hair


Strong smell

Not suitable for sensitive scalp

3. Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo

Skip the hair colour remover entirely in favour of clarifying, sulfate-containing shampoo (i.e., the formulations you avoid while attempting to retain your hair colour). Washing your new dye job with sulfates several times will help soften dark hues so they’re not as harsh or pigmented. This one from Suave is inexpensive and gets the job done quickly—just remember to switch it out for something gentler after you’ve fixed your hue, aite?

Key Feature:

Softens dark hues easily


Protects against UV rays

Hydrates hair


Not suitable for damaged hair

Concentrated form

4. Colorfix Hair Color Remover Kit With Argan Oil

You can’t go wrong with our Colorfix recipe if you need something powerful enough for permanent dye. You’ll get the greatest results if you apply it similarly to how you’d apply hair colour, so take a plastic applicator bottle to ensure you’re covering each strand equally.

Key Feature:

The colour pigment lasts


Silky lightweight formula

Great for hydrating and nourishing hair


Can cause burning or irritation on scalp

A little expensive

5. MALIBU C Color Correction

Many professional hairstylists, including Wright, love it. “Malibu is a lovely place,” she says. “You mix it with water and apply it after shampooing your hair with a cleaning shampoo.” It can lighten your hair by one to three shades while preserving your original hair colour. Furthermore, the packets are simple to use, and you may see results in minutes.

Key Feature:

Helps lighten the hair


Suitable for morning application

Lightweight and quickly absorbed


Little expensive

Comes in small packets

6. COLOUR B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength

This hair colour remover is really effective. “This worked brilliantly to remove years of red and black dye without harming my hair,” one reviewer wrote. “The only previous time I tried to remove colour from my hair was with bleach (done professionally), and I ended up with a lot of damaged strands.” Remember that this has a strong smell.

Key Feature:

Treats damaged strands


Brighten and nourishes scalp

Easy application


Comes in small 15 ml bottle

7. Color Brilliance Color Corrector

This vegan solution is popular since it can remove up to three colours of hair dye in a single application. You’ll need heat to activate this remover, so make sure you have a disposable shower cap and a hairdryer on hand before you begin. And, as usual, make sure to thoroughly follow the directions to obtain the greatest results.

Key Feature:

High quality hair remover


Rejuvenates hair

Smooths and firms scalp

Suitable for all types of scalps


Can have oily and greasy feel sometimes

Small quantity

8. Roux Hair Color Stain Remover

You can use this hair colour remover to do two things: (1) rub the creamy formula through your ends to lift dye (your ends are typically more susceptible to dye, so they often look darker than the rest of your hair), and (2) dab it on your scalp and hairline to gently—and quickly—pick up any hair colour stains.

Key Feature:

Fast and easy removal process


Add radiance hair

Provides 24 hour hydration


Slow effect on color hues

Comes in small bottle


Colour Remover penetrates the hair shaft and eliminates all artificial colour pigment (permanent hair colour) from the hair. It does not harm the hair and does not remove the natural colour pigment. This results in dry, brittle hair as well as potential damage.

The products listed here have raving customer reviews and certified by reliable authorities. Try the one that best suits your needs and fits your budget. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We would love to hear from you!

Editor's Choice


Regular Strength Hair Color Remover


For good reason, this product is a cult favourite for permanent and semi-permanent colour removal (it has over 100 five-star ratings on Amazon). “I was ecstatic with the outcomes,” one reviewer remarked. Many people have reported that their hair lightened and the colour showed through.



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