Are Lash Extensions Worth It? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Having gorgeous lashes every day can be a hassle if we have to apply mascara and use a lash curler, which is why lash extensions exists! Not only is it absolutely safe for everyone to use, it doesn’t require much effort too because it lasts pretty long. No makeup is needed too!

If you’re not sure what are lash extensions and wondering to yourself, ‘are lash extensions worth it?’ Well, you can decide for yourself after you read this article!

are lash extensions worth it

What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are basically semi-permanent fibers which are attached on your natural eyelashes to make it look longer and fuller. Each individual lash extensions are attached to your eye lashes individually with the help of semi-permanent glue.

The lash extensions are made out of various materials such as mink, synthetic, silk fibres or faux mink.

Pros and cons of Eyelash Extensions

are lash extensions worth it

After knowing what exactly are lash extensions, you should know about the pros and cons of eyelash extensions so you are aware of the benefits and potential risks involved:


  • Mascara or eyeliner is not needed: This is probably one of the main answer to the question ‘are lash extensions worth it?’. You can say goodbye to daily usage of mascara, eyeliner or even lash curlers. Though you can still use mascara or eyeliner, but it’s not necessary to put on eye makeup once you have the lash extensions on.
  • Have gorgeous lashes 24/7: Wearing lash extensions will make you have an appealing appearance all day long! Since having gorgeous lashes could help to draw attention towards your eyes, your overall look will make heads turn with lesser effort.
  • Waterproof and pain-free: You can wear these lash extensions while swimming or showering, though bear in mind you can only do so after 48 hours once you’ve first applied it. Other than that, you won’t feel any sort of pain at all during the entire application process.


  • Might get infections or irritation: As you need to use glue in order to attach the extension, some may be sensitive to the chemicals used in the glue. In general, your eyes are pretty sensitive, especially when it comes to friction. Just be sure to do a patch test.
  • Damage your natural lashes: Despite taking good care of your lash extensions, you will still go through potential damage as your natural lashes start to grow longer. Once it grows longer, it will not be able to withhold the lash extensions due to lack of strength. Thus, causing breakage.
  • Need to make refill appointments: Because it’s not permanent, you need to regularly make appointments to refill and touch-up in order to make it look full.

How do you use lash extensions?

are lash extensions worth it

Are lash extensions worth it if the application process has a lot of steps? Well, the application process is quite easy. Below, we list our the brief process of lash extensions:

1. Consultation

Before starting the process, the beautician will go through the dos and donts of lash extensions. They would also make sure that you do not have any allergies as well as other necessary precautions.

2. Determine lash extension length and curl strength

If you have a desired look, you can discuss it with the beautician so that they can recommend the right length and curl strength.

3. Cleaning up the area of your eye

Then, the beautician will make sure that the area around your eye is clean to prevent any irritation or bacteria, as well as removing any residue or make up. However, it is recommended for you to not put any makeup on before your lash extension appointment.

4. Apply tape and eye gels

You’ll then have to close your eyes for about one to two hours. The beautician will apply a gel underneath the lower lash line so that it would be easier to see your lashes. A medical-grade tape will be applied on your eyes which will be removed after the process is completed.

5. Start applying the lash extensions

The beautician will dip each lash extension using tweezers into the lash glue and proceed to apply it on your lashes. You wouldn’t feel a single thing when your beautician is applying it.

6. Leave it to dry

While your eyes are still closed, once every lash extension is applied, it will be left to dry for roughly 10 minutes or so.

7. Remove tape and eye gels

Once it’s completely dry, the beautician will remove the gels and tape from your eyes. Again, you wouldn’t feel a single ounce of pain. But you might feel a little sensitive since our eyes are considered one of the most sensitive areas.

8. It’s done!

And that’s it! You can open your eyes and start blinking. Enjoy your beautiful and gorgeous new lashes!

How to take care of your lash extensions

are lash extensions worth it

1. Don’t use eye products which are waterproof

You may be so used to using waterproof eyeliner or mascara, but that also means it can be a struggle to remove them as a normal makeup remover just won’t do. If you were to use a stronger cleanser to remove them, then it will affect your lash extensions too.

You can still use eyeliner or mascara eventhough people mention how it’s not needed – just be sure to use a non-waterproof one.

2. Don’t let them get wet within the first 48 hours

Yes, though your lash extensions are waterproof, when you just got it done, you need to allow them to set in (because glue is used) so that it can last longer. But if you have to apply eye makeup on, then use a makeup remove that is oil-free.

3. Avoid tugging or touching your lashes

Okay, we understand that it’s difficult to stop yourself from playing with your lashes, but if you want them to last longer, you’ll need to have the willpower to do so. You can end up causing damage to your natural lashes!

Also, you need to go for regular touch-ups, and imagine if you don’t have much lash extensions left – what is there to touch up?

4. Avoid makeup products which are oil-based

Because your lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes with glue, oil-based products would break down the glue, causing your lash extensions to fall off. You can consider using gel-based products, though as it won’t affect the glue. However, the best option would be to use micellar water.

5. Don’t use mechanical lash curlers

Using a mechanical lash curler is a recipe for disaster! When you curl your lashes with a mechanical curler, you might not be able to get the desired look you want. There’s no turning back too once you’ve heated them up!

6. Avoid rubbing your eyes too much

When you rub your eyes, essentially, you will be causing friction between your natural lashes and lash extensions.

7. Clean them often

You’ll have to clean your lash extensions a few times a week using a foam lash cleanser to prevent any dirt of bacteria build up.

So, are lash extensions worth it?

We can summarize that lash extensions are indeed worth it, especially if you have been wanting gorgeous lashes without the need to apply mascara or use a lash curler every single morning. Besides, lash extensions require little to zero effort to maintain and compared to you applying mascara every day, it will save so much of time.

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