How Often Should You Wash Your Lash Extensions

If you are not new to getting false eyelash extensions, you probably know how cleaning them is a pain in the neck in terms of the money spent – suppose you are getting it done by a professional at the beauty parlour, along with its maintenance. Whilst they are time-saving and convent, cleaning them can be an exhaustible process if you are new to this community. Beauty does come with a price after all! The question here is, how often should you wash your lash extensions? You will get your answers in a jiffy. 

Those who clean their lashes frequently are apt to have much more lashes left compared to those who don’t. Suppose you have little to no lashes left, you may have to splash out on getting a full set redone rather than an infill. The aforementioned is entailed when you have half of your lashes remaining; any less than 50%  and it’s a full set required. 

The majority think by keeping their lash extensions away from water will keep them on for longer. Having said that, it is not entirely true and serves quite the opposite effect. Your lash extensions are prone to fall off prematurely when you avoid washing them. Indeed, you should wait for 48 hours in accordance with your beautician’s advice – however, this doesn’t indicate that you shouldn’t get them wet for eternity! 

It is important that you cleanse your lash extensions in fixed intervals to mitigate the risk of potential infections, irritations, poor lash health or growth, and lash mites.

how often should you wash your eyelash extensions
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When & How Often Should You Wash Your Lash Extensions?

After getting your fresh set of lash extensions done, it is smart to wait for a minimum of 48 hours before taking the attempt to clean them. You must also ensure that your lashes are dry by keeping them away from steam and water at all times until the 48 hour period is over.

So how often should you wash your lash extensions? As an all time beauty enthusiast, it is recommended that you clean your lash extensions for a minimum of two to three times a week. With that being said, suppose you wish to keep your lashes exceptionally fresh and fluffy, it is important that you clean them every other day. If you wear eye makeup regularly or have rather oily skin, you have all the more reason to clean your lashes every day. 

You are also advised to clean your lashes before bed. This is so that your lashes will stay fresh for the following day and all debris and dirt will have been removed completely. 

If you happen to be a fitness freak who goes to the gym every other day or you are an avid swimmer, I highly recommend that you clean your lash extensions more often than the others to avoid significant build-up of sweat and dirt in your lashes. You should also keep up the habit of cleaning them once any salt, sweat or oils begin to form on the extensions. Having eyelash extensions for one who exercises regularly must always be on the lookout for that matter.

Dead skin cells, dirt, chlorine, makeup residue, and oil are apt to build up along your lash line as quickly as you expect. These are the culprits that will gobble up your lash extensions’ bond, breaking it down gradually. Lash extensions glue especially, loves to be kept clean 24/7 in order for it to maintain its strong bond to your natural lashes.

Now that you have a clear understanding of ‘how often should you wash your lash extensions’, let’s take a look at the benefits you will receive if you do so.

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Here is How You Should Wash your Lash Extensions :

  • Apply a minimal amount of lash extension cleanser on an eyelash brush.
  • Apply the cleanser around your eye area in circular motions and the lash extensions to get rid of build up. 
  • Brush up and down along your lash lines gently.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water without leaving any cleanser behind.
  • Fan or pat dry using a clean and soft tissue to avoid the lashes from falling off.
  • Either use a clean mascara brush or a wand to brush out your extensions.

What are the Benefits of Regular Lash Cleansing?

Individuals who are dedicated to washing their lashes regularly and correctly between appointments reported having more lashes left compared to those who don’t have the habit of cleansing them whatsoever, or doing it wrongly. As mentioned above, an infill shouldn’t be your choice when you have little to no lash extensions left – an infill is only performed when you are just starting to see the gaps with 50% of the lashes still remaining. This is to ensure that your lashes are always looking full and lush as you intend them to be.

how often should you wash your lash extensions
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What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Lash Extensions Regularly?

Failure to wash your lash extensions as often as you’re supposed to will result in blepharitis and glue bond breakage.

Blepharitis is a byproduct of bacterial overgrowth along your eyelashes base. This creates a desirable environment for mites to thrive in, causing inflammation of your eyelids. 

Apart from that, buildup breaks down the supposedly strong adhesive bond of your lash extensions. When the glue gets weaker and weaker, your lash extensions will start to fall off prematurely. A phenomenon you don’t wish to transpire after spending a fortune getting them done. 

How often should you wash your lash extensions? Regularly, to make sure they stay intact, lush, and full for a good amount of time. Opt for a functioning eyelash extension wash to clean your falsies two to three times every week, in the morning and evening. 

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What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Lash Extensions


Always, always wait up to 48 hours post-appointment before you start cleansing your lash extensions. If you accidentally wash them before the waiting period, you will face the risk of damaging your lashes as it breaks down the glue bond between your natural lashes and the extensions themselves. Not only will you risk losing your freshly done lash extensions, but you will also leave them looking like a mess. 

Besides keeping up with regular cleaning as clarified above, try to avoid using any makeup remover, cleansers, or oil-based skin care products. The oil in these products are apt to break down the glue bonds between your natural lashes and extensions. You may opt for products that are made specifically for the maintenance of your lash extensions; products that contain antibacterial solutions to maintain the condition of your falsies and promote eye health. Whichever product you are relying on, make sure they are oil free. 


Stay away from products like micellar water. These products are not suited or designed exclusively for lash extensions and by using them, you could risk damaging your lashes and the glue bond. Also, never use makeup remover wipes on your extensions as they usually contain oil, emollients, and gyolcs; all of which will make your extensions fall out much sooner than would naturally. 

Whilst cleansing, resist the urge to rub your eyes because the more you rub them, the quicker your extensions will fall out prematurely. You should also avoid wearing as much makeup as possible if you find the need to rub your eyes when trying to take off your makeup completely. The rigorous rubbing on your extensions will not only damage your falsies, but also your natural lashes as they are constantly getting pulled out due to friction. To be on the safe side, wear a little less makeup.

In addition to that, avoid sponges, face cloths, makeup pads, cotton balls and buds which are  too tough to cleanse your delicate lash extensions. They could also create a buildup of cotton fibres along your lash lines which defeats the purpose of you cleaning your extensions. What you can do, is to use either a spoolie or a clean mascara to remove and brush through your lashes, as gently as possible. Repeat this process until you are fully satisfied with the result.

Key Takeaways

If you don’t have the habit of cleaning your lash extensions as regularly as it should be, buildups will start to form on your extensions; the biggest culprit ever to impact the health and growth of your natural lashes. For a beautiful, fluffy, and long-lasting lash extension, keep up with a proper cleaning regimen. With the use of a dedicated foaming lash cleanser that is oil and alcohol-free, I promise you your lash extensions can easily last a lifetime. 

In the meantime, you may want to take a look at some of the best magnetic lashes in 2023 you can easily put on without the help of a professional, and at the comfort of your own home. 

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