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It’s no secret that collagen is a protein that binds our bodies together, provides strength and suppleness for our skin, and replaces dead cells as we age. But all the ways collagen may impact your hair, which may not be so well recognized. In brief, the protein may be used to recharge hair loss and to create stronger, luscious locks, and fortunately, there are several collagen supplements on the market for people who want to encourage healthy hair development.

Collagen is your body’s most abundant protein. The skin is structured and helps your blood coagulation. It has several key responsibilities. Over the past few years, shampoos and body lotions have become more popular as nutritious supplements and components.

Nevertheless, maybe you question what collagen is and what use it is for. You will get a detailed review of this essential protein in this article.

What is collagen?

It accounts for approximately one-third of its protein makeup and is the most prevalent protein within your body.

The epidermis, muscle, tendons, and ligaments are one of the primary building components. In many other areas of the body, including blood vessels, cornea, and teets, collagen is also found.

You might understand it as the “collector,” which contains all these items. In fact, the Greek term “kólla,” meaning adhesive, originates from the Greek word.

The Difference Between Biotin and Collagen

Each follicle of the hair we have consisted of a keratin protein cell anchored in a hair bulb in the skin dermis. Blood vessels provide hormones and feed every follicle to keep it healthy and robust. However, if your hair falls at the root, your general health may be incorrect.

You focus instead on keeping your organs working instead of turning the food into your hair follicles. Alopecia is termed the medical term for significant hair loss. Doctors examine alopecia patients in order to determine the true source of the disease by evaluating their food, habits, stress levels, and medicines.

You may wish to use collagen for hair or biotin supplements to treat hair loss and to maintain the skin healthy if your doctor does not detect a problem or if you just want to grow thicker.

How Collagen Affects Your Hair

1. Enhances Flexibility

Collagen is an amino acid and hair follicle cells use amino acids to make keratin protein to stimulate hair growth, strength, and suppleness, according to famous hairdresser Ken Pavés. “Collagen helps enhance hair and elasticity and improves overall quality. You will also benefit from the additional advantages of omega 3 and 6 that are wonderful for moisturizing hair.”

2. Moisturizes Hair

The daily hair development supplement, Dr. Melissa Anzelone, ND for Nutrafol, says that collagen supplements promote a healthy digestive tract to guard and mend the intestinal belt lining which ensures optimum protein absorption, collagen for hair makes your hair safer.

In order to support, moisturize and rebuild the dermal structure and the environment around the follicle in daily supplements, collagen also works in harmony with components like hyaluronic acid. This also strengthens the blood vessels in the dermis, which enhances nutrition dissemination into the follicle and causes moistened hair.

3) Encourages Hair Growth

Both of these factors are affecting the integrity of our skin, skin, and nails – natural slumps in collagen production and hastened collagen collapse, causing damages to the sun, alcohol, and excess sugar to our diets. In addition to the breakdown of collagen, hair loss can also be caused by a lack of iron, auto-immune illness, low thyroid, hormonal imbalances, and natural production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

4. Regenerates the Follicle

Dr. Anzelone says that collagen is a natural antioxidant that assists with hair development and hair regeneration therefore collagen for hair is good. “Free radicals are usually generated by metabolism. These free radicals damage the follicles of the hair and cause hair loss. Collagen does not neutralize free radicals, so that hair regularly grows,” Anzelone explains.

Things That Can Damage Collagen

Perhaps the following habits which degrade collagen are even more crucial to avoid:

  • Eat too many sweets and carbohydrates. Sugar is not capable of repairing itself through collagen. Minimize your added sugar and processed carbohydrates consumption.
  • Too much sunshine, get too much. The synthesis of collagen can be decreased by ultraviolet light.
  • Avoid over-exposure to the sun.
  • Smoking. Tobacco inhibits the synthesis of collagen. This can affect the healing of wounds and cause wrinkles.

Certain autoimmune diseases, like lupus, might potentially harm collagen.

5 Ways collagen May Enhance Your Hair

Collagen is your body’s richest protein and helps create your tendons, ligaments, and skin. Their health advantages may be diverse, such as producing strong, thick hair. There are five ways collagen may enhance your hair, based on data.

1. Provides the hair building amino acids

Hair consists mostly of keratin protein. Your body builds keratin using numerous amino acids — some of which can be present in collagen.

Your body converts them into amino acids when you utilize collagen and other proteins to make new proteins and chemicals.

You can produce eleven nonessential amino acids and 9 essential amino acids from your food. Collagen consists mostly of three important amino acids: proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline.

2. Helps Fight Damage to Hair Follicles


Collagen can function as an antioxidant to combat free radicals damage.
Free radicals are chemicals that form in your body as a consequence of stress, air pollution, smoking, bad food choices, alcohol, and other effects on the environment. An excess of freely available radicals can damage your cells, proteins, and DNA.

Free radicals can also harm hair follicles, research has shown. Since the protection of your body against free radicals weakens with aging, older individuals are more prone to hair damage. Your body requires antioxidants to combat free radicals and maintain healthy hair.

3. May prevent hair dilution from aging


Collagen is the medium layer of your skin with the roots of each individual hair, making up 70% of your dermis. Collagen contributes particularly to your dermis’ flexibility and strength. With age, the production of collagen and the cells in the dermis will make your body less efficient.

This might be one of the explanations for thinning hair over time. Thus, it may assist maintain a healthy dermis and prevent hair dilation by giving your body with collagen.

4. May help hair grey slowly


Collagen may be able to combat cell damage and delay greying because of its antioxidant capabilities. Age-linked hair greying is governed mostly by genetics, although there can also be free radical damage to hair colour cells.

When you get old, cells that make up your hair’s natural colour melanin pigment start to die. Free radicals resulting from poor diets, stresses, and pollution can nonetheless harm melanin-producing cells.

5. Adding your routine easily

With food or supplements, you may add collagen to your diet. It is present in the skins, bones, and muscles of chicken, beef, pig, and fish, because of its formation of the conjunctive tissues of mammals.

The cooked collagen bread prepared from the bones of animals includes both collagen and gelatin. You may drink this bone broth or use it on a soup basis. Furthermore, consuming high-vitamin C meals might enhance the natural synthesis of your body’s collagen. The sources of this vitamin include oranges, bell peppers, brussels sprouts, and strawberries.

5 Best Collagen Products

Collagen goods guarantee to enhance your strands are not lacking. But what do they provide? Here are some of the best collagen hair growth supplements you should try!

1. Nutrafol

Nutrafol is a supplement for hair growth that contains a proprietary Synergen Complex® combination of concentrated botanicals which target the many core causes of hair dilution: hormones, stress and environment, metabolism, and nutrition.

In the purest seas of the North Atlantic Ocean, I like the sustained source of Nutrafol’s sea collagen from wild codfish. 

Key Feature:

Nutrafol’s collagen for hair offers necessary blocks for the formation of keratin proteins for healthy hair growth.


Keratin protein

Anti aging effect

Light formula

Addresses discolouration under eye


Takes time for shipping

2. Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins is a wonderful product to start with if you have difficulty getting the protein needed.

A powder simple to eat with a supply of 20 grams per serving of collagen is Vital Proteins. Many experts suggest a minimum of 60 grams of protein a day for women. This product is an excellent method to start your trip to 60 grams.

Key Feature:

Best supplement for proteins


Moisturize eye and skin

Best for dry, normal and average skin


Shipping can take time

3. Garden of Life

The products in this collagen consist of animals fed with grass that has been found to have a greater nutritional value. But there are more to the advantages. Collagen hair growth results in more happiness than you think!

Many collagen blends in Garden of Life include additional components such as turmeric to promote an inflammatory health response, or antioxidants such as cranberry, to combat the harmful free radicals.

Key Feature:

This collagen promotes a good inflammatory health


Has anti aging effect

Hydrates and freshen tired looking eyes


Not suitable for damaged or broken skin

Does not help dry skin

4. NeoCell

NeoCell promotes collagen hair growth which results in hair development by helping your intestines heal. A healthy well encourages healthy hair. NeoCell offers building blocks to cure the stomach, increase the absorption of nutrients and consequently improve hair development directly and indirectly.

Key Feature:

Perfectly absorbs nutrients


Great for hydrating and nourishing skin

Has anti aging effect


Can cause burning or irritation on sensitive skin

A little expensive

5. Viviscal

According to Dr. Karhade, a dietitian, Viviscal is usually suggested by dermatologists to treat hair loss. She believes that amino acids are used to prevent hair loss by a shark and mollusk powder. collagen hair growth results are better with these supplements.

Key Feature:

Viviscal has less than 500 mg a day of collagen and some Vit C and a sprinkle of Zinc and one other ingredient.


Can be consumed morning and night

Strengthening and stimulating existing hair


Little expensive

Comes in small bottle

5. Kollagen Intensiv

Kollagen Intensiv is amongst the best collagen renewal for ageless skin. It functions by boosting collagen production in your skin naturally to reverse the ageing process. Plus, it doesn’t contain even a tad bit of harsh chemicals or parabens! 

Key Feature:

Kollagen Intensiv contains a patented peptide SYN®COL which reduces the appearance of wrinkles by up to 354%, and improves the skin’s texture by 201%.


Collagen in a number of methods can support healthy hair. One way is that your body may utilize amino acids in collagen to make hair proteins and reinforce the skin with hair roots. It can also avoid damage and greying of hair follicles. However, there is little study into collagen’s effects on human hair.

If you want to attempt collagen to boost your hair, consider bone broth or other meals and drinks. At local stores or online you may get collagen supplements.

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Nutrafol is a supplement for hair growth that contains a proprietary Synergen Complex® combination of concentrated botanicals which target the many core causes of hair dilution: hormones, stress and environment, metabolism, and nutrition.



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