Ultra Slim Red Light Therapy Reviews

For the generation of Y and Z, the opportunities and challenges are more demanding than ever. We have to race with time to acquire education, knowledge and skills and take care of our bodies as well. Whether genetically, lifestyle or food habits nowadays, it is very common to see our bodies getting out of shape. For those who have tried out various diet charts unsuccessfully or have no time to do daily exercises, an alternative method is to use ultra-slim red light therapy. 

UltraSlim light therapies are a non-invasive method of body slimming that assists in reducing extra body fat and trimming inches from the most rigid parts of your body. Reviewers of UltraSlim red light treatment have concluded that it is more practical, and safer than invasive medical procedures and does not have any side effects. They also do not cause either boredom or force you to starve, unlike weight reduction fat diets. 

Some people hold the opinion that while UltraSlim red light therapy can help people lose weight, its effectiveness can increase when a user adopts a positive, healthy lifestyle, including doing light activities like jogging and eating a nutritious and balanced diet. Another benefit of ultra-slim red light therapy is you don’t have to keep count of your calorie intake. 

ultra slim red light therapy reviews

What is An Ultra Slim Red Light Therapy?

You will not find any laser in the red light. In order to temporarily open a port in your body’s cell membrane, it produces heat. So that the fatty acids and triglycerides burn out giving you the desired contoured shape. 

Photobiomodulation (PBM), low-level light therapy, or biostimulation are some of the names for red light therapy. The term “lightbox therapy” is also used for ultra-slim red light therapy. 

Low-power red light wavelengths are intentionally passed through the skin as part of red light treatment as it doesn’t generate heat. Also, this process isn’t sensed and doesn’t hurt. Up to ten millilitres of red light are absorbed into the skin. At this moment, it has favourable impacts on cellular energy.

Apart from weight loss benefits, red light therapy can be used for hair treatment, pimples, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Additionally, it has been found that those who have a higher metabolism benefit more from this intervention than those who have a low metabolism.

Alternative Solutions

Red light therapy is safe and effective to use and can be done at the comfort of your home. However, there are other alternative solutions to using red light therapy. But make sure you visit a trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon before using the following devices: 

1) Nova Red Light Therapy Machine

For an ultra-slim body, this might be one of the best skin-firming and lifting tools. This device uses the red light spectrum at a wavelength of 660 nm to penetrate deep into the skin and excite and invigorate the cells and tissues, which leads to the body and cells removing fat.

This device can assist you in reducing fat and slackening skin when used in conjunction with consistent exercise and a nutritious diet. This product has pleased many customers over the years with a stellar Amazon rating, making it worthwhile to purchase.



Comes with a wall plug charger and a USB connector

Good customer feedback


Have to wear goggles if used on the face

The small size of the device is incompatible with a larger targeted area.

2. Pulsaderm Red LED

This FDA-approved gadget can target and eliminate wrinkles, skin abrasions, loose skin, and fat reduction using this red light spectrum therapy device. In contrast to invasive or laser procedures, this therapy does not cause discomfort, is soft on the skin, or does not necessitate a lengthy recuperation period.

Application on the body’s surface for a few minutes each day will yield quick benefits and is safe to use three times each week. Faster cell healing and fat loss are the results of the red light LEDs’ stimulation of the cells and stimulation of their metabolism. 


Penetrates the skin

Faster results

Excellent customer feedback


Have to wear eye goggles for light radiation.

Have to follow a diet regime alongside using the machine.

Moving Forward

Red light therapy can indeed, based on the majority of studies, eliminate some fat from your arms and waist, but the effects are at most moderate. So, it’s essential for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle that involves eating balanced food and frequently exercising alongside using ultra-slim red light therapy. The downside of red light therapy is its high price and lack of research in a variety of demographics.

Above all, bear in mind to consult with a skilled healthcare professional who can help you determine which method is most appropriate for your body.

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