Honest NuFace Review: The $395 NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

NuFace isn’t exactly a new brand. They boast some of the best facial cleansing brushes, body brushes, tooth-whitening systems and derma rollers there is. Anyone who spends time reading the slew of NuFace reviews knows that they’re one of the pioneering beauty tools creators in the world. Their coveted microcurrent facial device that burst onto the scene back in 2005 sees a clear pattern: people rely on it to achieve sculpting, toning and contouring around the face and neck—or, some of them, even the eye and lip. 

NuFace Trinity facial toning device

Does the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device Work?

NuFace Trinity facial toning device

Long story short, yes—the NuFace can actually work. The Trinity Facial Toning Device has been described by many as a dessert-island must-have by beauty insiders and editors alike. It’s a microcurrent facial device that comes with a soothing gel to instantly lift, firm and tone the skin, making it look taut and glowy. 

Scientifically speaking, microcurrent therapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that sends weak electrical signals into the body and stimulates the muscles under the skin, which ultimately gives the skin a lifted appearance. 

However, it remains irreplaceable for injectables such as neuromodulators or fillers, or an excellent skincare routine. A microcurrent facial device works best when it comes to temporarily enhancing one’s appearance, especially for a night out. 

How Does the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device Work?

The good news is that the NuFace doesn’t actually feel like an electric shock. Rather, it utilizes gentle microcurrent technology to deliver legitimate skin benefits. The microcurrent units stimulate muscles and tighten the skin, giving an enviable lifted effect to brows, eyes, jawline, cheeks as well as the neck. Plus, it boosts collagen production, circulation and wound healing. 

However, the investment is hefty—at over $300, it’s not exactly cheap. However, if you consider the payoff of actually using the device versus getting procedures done in a beauty salon in the long run, the cost of the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device doesn’t seem so steep. Having said that, you must also understand how to use the device effectively to yield optimal results, making your spending worthwhile.

How Do You Use NuFace?

The NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device comes with a pamphlet of instructions: three glides on one side of the neck three times, three glides on one cheek three times, three swipes up one side of the forehead three times—then repeat the steps on the other side of the face. Each swipe usually lasts a few seconds and ends in an automated beep, letting you know the time is up. 

Bear in mind that the gel primer that comes with the device is necessary for the treatment, as it transfers the microcurrents even more effectively from the NuFace to your face. It’s also key for minimizing any incidental sensations. However, if you’re feeling any tingling sensation during the treatment, consider it a sign to layer on some more primer.

Sometimes rather than following the exact order shown in the instructions, you can freestyle anyhow you like with the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device, in order to focus on your specific needs. Say you’re looking to treat nasolabial folds, gently push the device upward from your jawline up to your cheek muscle and hold it there for two to three beeps. On the other hand, if you wish to target your cheeks, start at the jawline and slowly work your way up in horizontal swipes, then go vertically on the same area. 

How Long Does it Take to See Results with NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device?

Based on the little instruction card that came with the device, it’s recommended that you keep a pace of five times a week for 60 days. Here’s the thing though, you have to be consistent and diligent. No skincare regime gives you results overnight, and if you do see any results, it won’t be haphazardly running it over your face one time. 

How Long Can NuFace’s Results Last?

How I wish I could say that all you have to do is use this device for a few weeks and you’ll never age, ever again, but that would be a complete BS. To yield the best results, NuFace recommends you to use it at least five days a week for 60 days straight, and then to maintain those results, you’ll have to continue using it two or three times a week. Just like anything else in skincare, consistency is key!

Should You Use NuFace in the Morning or at Night?

Either! All that matters is that you’re using it, regardless of the time (ensure you wait 24 hours between each session). Though, using NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device in the morning will help you get rid of a sleepy, puffy face.

Can I Use NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device Without a Conductive Gel?

Not only does the brand necessitates the use of some kind of activator in order for the current to properly penetrate the skin, some users reported a painful experience without it. When your skin is dry, the metal ball tips pull and tug on your skin rather than glide smoothly across it. Applying enough gel on your face and you’ll not feel the electric current. However, when the gel starts drying out or you don’t use enough, you’ll definitely feel a tingly sensation that’s not enjoyable.

Is the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device Safe to Use on the Neck?

Certainly! The NuFace Trinity has been FDA-cleared to be used on the neck. You may follow the instructions given in the manual to use the device on your neck. Once you’ve mastered the basic steps, you might want to try some of the more advanced techniques. 

Who Should Avoid Using NuFace?

It might be an at-home microcurrent facial device, but not all of them are made equal, and not everyone makes a good candidate. If you have a pacemaker or other implanted electrical devices, stay away from this therapy before consulting your healthcare provider. Other individuals such as pregnant women, patients with seizure disorders, epilepsy, or migraines must be cleared by their medical provider before attempting it. 

Is the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device Worth It?

If you have $395 in your bduget, go for it! You might like it better than an exclusive face cream of the same value that’s not even close to satisfying. However, if you’re looking for a an exaggerated improvement, instant results, or you’re not willing to be consistent and diligent with your skincare routine, then you might want to pass. For those who are willing to take up this cosmetic commitment, this is surely an amazing microcurrent facial device worth investing in.

NuFace Trinity facial toning device


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