Medicube Collagen Booster Set Review: Will It Work For You?

While browsing through the cosmetic or skincare brands in the market, you may have came across a Medicube review, or perhaps several of them. If you’re looking for new skincare to try, you might want to give the Medicube Collagen Booster Set a go – of course, after you’ve find out all about it first!

medicube collagen booster set review

What’s So Great About The Medicube Collagen Booster Set?

Zero Pore Pads 2.0

Known as Medicube’s best seller, the dual textured Zero Pore Pads are made with ingredients offering various benefits such as white willow bark which has salicylic acid to unclog your pores. The combination of grape, lemon, orange, apple and key lime helps to smoothen up rough patches as well as clear up any debris found on your skin. The cypress tree leaf, baikal skullcap and purslane reduces any swelling of the sebum blands as the combination of all the ingredients offers a natural anti-inflammatory benefits.

Ultimately, what makes the Zero Pore Pads 2.0 stand out among the other pads would be how it is able to control the sebum production which prevents potential acne or breakouts, as well as exfoliating the skin at the same time by removing any excess debris or dead skin that comes from clogged pores. Plus, using this pad would help to tighten the pores while offering rejuvenating properties.

medicube collagen booster set review

Glass Glow Toner

The Medicube Collagen Booster Set comes with the Glass Glow Toner, which is infused with atelo collagen that is able to improve the skin’s elasticity, hydrolyzed collagen that helps to condition and moisturize the skin, and lastly the soluble collagen that penetrates the skin deeply to make it more firm and plump. The Glass Glow Toner is effective to promote hydration, elasticity and refining the skin which gives you a healthy glow.

To maximise the benefits of the Glass Glow Toner, be sure to mix it with cosmetic products while applying it on dry skin so that your make up won’t turn out cakey.

Medicube Triple Collagen

Glass Glow Serum

Similar to the Glass Glow Toner, the Glass Glow Serum also contains the same collagen complexes. The additional benefits would be the amount of fortified collagen, which is 20,000ppm compared to the 10,000ppm for the Glass Glow Toner. Besides, it’s a light weight serum which doesn’t leave any greasy residue after thanks to the consistent texture (not too thin or thick). It gets easily absorbed into the skin!

The Glass Glow Serum would work best on those with matured skin though, or if your skin is aging.

Medicube Triple Collagen

Triple Deep Erasing Cream (optional)

The Triple Deep Erasing Cream is actually optional in the Medicube Collagen Booster Set. This cream helps to hydrate the skin while the collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin enables your skin to look more plump and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

This formula is also infused with up to 16 patented ingredients that’s great for skin elasticity, tackle dark spots as well as reduce the appearance of pores. On top of that, the formula doesn’t contain up to 15 toxic ingredients, so those with sensitive skin are able to use it too.

medicube collagen booster set review

Medicube Collagen Booster Set Review

Many customers have seen results within a week or so, which is experiencing silky or softer skin. Even teenagers are able to use the Medicube Collagen Booster Set and have no issues at all, especially because teenagers are prone to get acne.

The effectiveness can be seen when people are regularly complimenting the customer’s skin – they couldn’t help but notice the healthy glow. This glow comes the fact that it removes whiteheads, red spots and other skin issues. Some say their skin is similar to a baby’s bum (for those who don’t know, baby’s bum is known to be very smooth). Heck, some say you don’t even need a filter to make your skin look clear!

If you experience eczema or any flaking, dry skin issues, the Medicube Collagen Booster Set is known to work well by not making it worst. Instead, one customer shared within just 3 days, her skin that was irritated disappeared, along with the the redness.

The Medicube Collagen Booster Set price would be worth it since the results are proven to be excellent. Hence, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank since the longer you use it, the better your skin gets.


What we can conclude from the Medicube Collagen Booster Set is that if you want to achieve young, healthy, smooth looking skin, then this set would be the way to go. Actually, even if you have dry skin or perhaps any skin issue at all, based on each Medicube Collagen Booster Set review, it’s safe to say that this works for everyone. Of course, aside from that, while looking through the endless Medicube products review, overall Medicube is an effective skincare brand.

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