How to Use a Microcurrent Facial Device to Achieve that Lifted, Toned Skin

The beauty industry faces an increase in demand for microcurrent facial due to its immediate facelifting effects in a non-invasive, non-surgical way. They’re not only simple and effective, but are also painless. Thanks to the plethora of at-home microcurrent facial devices available, you can now achieve instant and potent results without visiting a dermatogloist’s clinic. But let’s be real: at-home microcurrent facial devices are pricey. If you’re going to splurge a couple hundred dollars, you want to make sure that the device is worth every penny spent and know precisely how to use it. Check out this article for 10 best reviewed microcurrent facial devices.

Below, we’re explaining what a microcurrent facial is, how to use a microcurrent facial device, how often to use it, how long does it take for the treatment to work, and who they work best for.

What is a Microcurrent Facial?

The microcurrent facial system functions by delivering a very low-level electrical current to your facial muscles just below the skin. The current is meant for mimicking your body’s own natural electric current.

The low-voltage increases collagen production and repairs the skin. Don’t feel intimidated by the words “electrical current” as it’ll have to be amplified a million times to light up a 40-watt light bulb, it’s harmless!

This treatment isn’t actually new. In fact, dermatologists and aestheticians have been performing them for years, but the at-home versions have not gained immense popularity until recently.

Similar to the muscles of a weightlifter, the cells in the face break down and grow back stronger after the microcurrent facial treatment. According to skincare experts, the facial helps to increase collagen production by up to 14%, elastin by up to 48%, and even blood circulation around the face by 38%.

How to Use a Microcurrent Facial Device?

Microcurrent facial devices are typically handheld and double-pronged, in order to deliver the electric current in a precise dosage to the skin. While instructions for how to use a microcurrent facial device vary from product to product, there are a few basic steps. 

Step 1

Before starting with your microcurrent facial treatment, cleanse your face thoroughly and make sure that you get rid of all the makeup, grime, dirt and oil, with your preferred facial cleanser and makeup remover.

how to use a microcurrent facial device

Step 2

Next, apply the conductive gel that comes with your device. If your device doesn’t come with any gel, it should recommend the best, suitable one that you can use alongside the system. Apply it liberally until the skin of the face appears wet. If you have enough gel on your skin, your device will easily glide across without tugging or pulling.

how to use a microcurrent facial device

Step 3

Reach out to your microcurrent facial device. Make sure the prongs are touching your skin at all times, and proceed to glide it across your skin at a slow pace. Certain systems feature a beep to indicate the amount of time for each glide. Bear in mind that you should use light to medium pressure and avoid pressing it down too firmly. After using the device, there shouldn’t be any bruising.


Step 4

Once you’ve completed the microcurrent facial treatment, rinse off the conductive gel with lukewarm water and a cleanser, then finish it off with your regular skincare routine.

And there you have it, that’s how to use a microcurrent facial device correctly.

How Often Should You Use a Microcurrent Facial Device?

Here’s the thing, the anti-aging benefits of microcurrent facials are cumulative, and for the most optimal lifting and toning results, it’s necessary for the treatment to be done at regular intervals. Just like working out in the gym, it’s the consistency that really pushes the results.

Note that the actual intervals appropriate for everybody vary, and you must never do more treatments than recommended by the device’s instructions or by your dermatologist’s advice.

On average, most aestheticians recommend starting with two sessions per week during the first six months to develop good facial muscle tone and achieve your desired youthful complexion. Once your goal is achieved, you can maintain the muscle tone with either weekly or biweekly treatments. 

Should you decide to quit using the device, expect to see the natural aging process resume its progress.

How Long Does It Take for an At-Home Microcurrent Facial Treatment to Work?

It’s important that you manage expectations when using a microcurrent facial treatment. While consistent use over time will deliver a lifted, toned appearance, the result isn’t permanent. If you’re looking for a one-off solution or dramatic fix, a face lift or injections are better options.

Who Needs to Use a Microcurrent Facial Device?

Anyone interested in improving their skin’s appearance on their face and neck makes a good candidate for a microcurrent facial. Plus, those looking for the least preventative treatment to reverse signs of aging can use a microcurrent facial device. 

Those who should avoid using it, however, include patients of heart conditions and pregnant women. Also, if you’re suffering from any severe skin allergies or skin sensitivity, we recommend that you discuss it over with a dermatologist before proceeding with the treatment. 

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