Here’s How to Crimp Your Hair with A Straightener: Crimper Who?

Crimped hair was one of the staple looks back in the 90’s and with icons like Kim Kardashian bringing back the style recently, you may be wondering how you can achieve this look. The thing is, not all of us own a crimper these days. Nevertheless, if you have a flat iron, that’ll suffice.

Hair straighteners are an impressive multi-purpose tool. Of course, it can create perfectly straight tresses, but they can also replace a curling iron—and now, a crimper. With a hair straightener, trendy crinkled hair is just a few steps away. 

how to crimp your hair with a straightener

To achieve gorgeous, crumpled tresses, begin with dry and properly brushed hair. While heat is involved, we strongly recommend you use a heat protection product; same goes to any other heat styling techniques. In this case, we recommend the PHYTO PARIS PHYTO Phytokeratine Repairing Heat Protecting Spray ($20.25). Next, section off your hair—the more sections the better. Use the sections to create tight and tiny braids as close to your scalp as possible. In fact, the more compact your braids are, the more voluminous the results will be.

how to crimp your hair with a hair straightener

We’re About to Reveal the Secrets on How to Crimp Your Hair with a Straightener

Here’s how to crimp your hair with braids. Now, give each braid a spray down your preferred hair spray. Then, it’s the hair straightener’s time to shine. Start near the root of each braid and gradually move down the length of each bundle of hair. Suppose you are feeling a little extra, feel free to go around twice. Once your hair has completely cooled off, gently unbraid all of the braid to see the fruits of your labor. 

Or, If You Want It Easier

Presuming you’re not feeling the most ambitious today, yet, still want a version of the crimped hairstyle, you can try an even easier version. All you have to do is to prep your hair for the heat and then guide your hair straightener down sections of your hair as you flick your wrist back and forth roughly every inch. 

To achieve the most crisp and consistent lines, increase the heat on your flat iron and keep a persistent pressure. On the other hand, for a rather subtle look, you may increase the space between each crimp.

Anytime you wish to bring a bit of nostalgia into your hairdo and wonder how to crimp your hair without a crimper, use one of these methods with your hair straightener. Any one of the best hair straighteners 2023 makes an instant time machine that’ll transfer you back to the 90’s.

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