The $400 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review: We’re Telling You If It’s Worth Investing In

In a market full of luxury products, how do we know what’s a scam and what’s truly worth it? In Beauty Signal Lab, we’re all about saving money wherever we can, hence we put in a lot of work to analyze if big purchases are worth your pennies. And after much deliberation, we can be certain that The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is worth it. 

dyson supersonic hair dryer

A Brief Overview of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

You can see this as the hair dryer of the future. The Dyson Supersonic claims to enhance smoothness and shine whilst reducing frizz and breakage with the shortest drying time. The Dyson V9 motor utilizes their patented Air Multiplier technology, which produces a large amount of air at a controlled rate to dry your hair faster. Damage-wise, the Dyson hair dryer is able to measure the heat emitted from the dryer 40 times in one second to regulate and control how hot the tools get in order to prevent heat damage. As we all know, less damage contributes to shinier and smoother hair overtime. Suppose you’re worried about frizz, simply don’t be: this dryer uses negative ions to decrease static in the air and keep your hair smooth all day long. 

Speed & Temperature Settings

The Dyson Supersonic comes in three different speeds (low, medium, high) and four temperature settings, including a cold shot. The hottest setting gets to 212°F and the coolest setting gets to 82°F.

It also features three attachments: a diffuser and two nozzles (one for smoothing and another for concentrating air flow, which is great for blowouts and styling bangs). 

New Additional Attachments

Dyson also launched three additional attachments since the Supersonic was released, this includes the Flyaway Attachment (for smoothing down flyaways), the Wide Tooth Comb Attachment (for stretching curly and coily hair), as well as the Gentle Air Attachment (for diffusing and controlling the heat to protect fine hair.

Suppose you have an older version of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, you can still buy these single attachments.

a) Flyaway Attachment 

Hides flyaways under longer hairs to achieve that sleek look.

dyson supersonic hair dryer

b) Wide-tooth Comb

Helps create volume, shape and length for textured hair.

c) Gentle Air Attachment

Emits a gentler, cooler air flow that’s ideal for fine hair and sensitive scalps.

Sleek Design

The Dyson hair dryer boasts a sleek design. When it comes to something so high-tech, you’d expect a clunky, heavy tool — something the Dyson Supersonic isn’t. In comparison with other hair dryers, this one particularly is lighter to hold, and the design is easy to maneuver around your hair. The motor at the center of the device is actually smaller and brushless, unlike any other hair dryers, which makes it quieter and lighter to hold. 

dyson supersonic hair dryer

In fact, Dyson designed the dryer as an homage to their bestselling fans, hence the hole at the center that makes it design so out-of-the-ordinary.

When you’re holding the tool, you don’t have to worry that your hand will get hot holding it or touching the attachments, which are magnetic and easy to slip on and off when you’re styling your hair.

How Long Does it Take for The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer to Dry Hair?

From washing your hair, toweled it up for around six minutes and blow your hair out; with the Dyson hair dryer, it’ll take approximately seven minutes. Though, it also depends on the thickness of your hair. At the end of the day, it’s one of the fastest drying hair dryers in the market.

dyson supersonic hair dryer

Our Final Verdict, Is It Worth It?

A profound yes. You could never picture how a $400 hunk of plastic can offer. This is if you have the amount of money to afford, otherwise there are plenty of other cheaper options you can opt for. Check out these 11 best hair dryers 2023. Plus, we will add, if you have thin hair or hair that dries easily, then it’s probably not the most practical option for you. 

Regardless, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is a smart purchase. It dries your hair fast, is quieter than most dryers, lightweight (1.8 pounds precisely), easy to handle and pack when you’re travelling and reduces hair damage. On top of that, its cool design and fun attachments make it worth every penny, especially with the limited edition that comes with a chic navy box the makes it easier than ever to store and keep safely.

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