Best Teeth Whitening Kits 2023

Flashing sparkling white teeth leaves an everlasting impression. Teeth whitening is an important aspect of self-grooming and hygiene. After all, everybody wants whiter and brighter teeth. 

Professional teeth whitening by a dentist is helpful, especially for those with sensitive teeth. Besides that, you’ll get a complete check-up of your teeth. 

However, you can avoid seeing a dentist as there are many teeth whitening products/kits for convenient home use. And it’s easy and cost-effective. After careful research, we found a few brands that could do the trick for you.

15 Best Teeth Whitening Kits

1. Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Lights

Crest needs no introduction to the DIY at-home whitening world. Their latest innovation raises the bar to a whole new level. Comes in a handheld device form, Crest retains their popular strips and revs up its famous brand through the use of blue light effects.

Wear the strips for an hour. Then, hold up the light to the strips for further 10 minutes (five minutes each on top and bottom). Apply light to upper and lower teeth until it turns off automatically. You’ll receive full results in 10 days.

Key Feature:

  • Lightweight
  • Disposable
  • Water-resistant 


Similar technology used in dentist’s offices.

Stay whiter for up to 36 months.

Suitable for sensitive skin

The whitening kit provides results that last up to 36 months with results see in 10 days.


The disposable light system is not made for long-run consumption

May result in teeth sensitivity with prolonged usage

2. GLO Science GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device

Made by one of the top aesthetic dentists in New York City, GLO Science is an FDA-registered flagship teeth whitening kit. Here’s the best part. It is the most similar to the professional treatment you would get at your dental office.

Just apply the hydrogen peroxide gel solution onto the front of your teeth with the included brush, cover with the mouthpiece, and press GLO. Each treatment is just eight minutes with four recommended treatments a day. The kit is proven to brighten up your teeth after five days of treatment.

Key Feature:

Uses a combination of warm heat and LED lights 


Clinically proven to produce whiter teeth in just five days.

None reported any sensitivity.

Safe to use on crowns, bridges, and veneers.


A little bit on the pricier side

3. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen

If you’re shopping for a simple home teeth whitening product, the ideal AuraGlow on-the-move pen is a fantastic option. Just apply the 35% concentrated carbamide peroxide whitening gel onto each tooth. 

Next, wait for 60 seconds as the gel dries. Do not eat or drink for one hour post-application. You’ll start seeing results within 7 to 10 days.

Key Feature:

  • Portable and sleek pen contains a mint-flavored whitening gel
  • Over 20 applications included in one pen


Pocket size and portable

Clear casing - Easily monitor how much product is left

Convenient for on-the-go use: especially handy for heavy smokers or coffee drinkers

Enamel-safe whitening agent


Easy for product to wash off before it is effective

Lack of physical barrier can cause gum irritation

4. Supersmile Professional Whitening System

Dump the plastic pieces. Brush as normal with Supersmile’s toothpaste and whitening accelerator gel combo.  Both work together to combat cavities, strengthen enamel, and remineralize your bright pearly whites for fast results.

There’s more. The enhancing accelerator can also be used with different types of toothpaste to remove surface stains. It is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 4 shades over a 30-day period when used by itself. And up to 6 shades when used with Supersmile’s Whitening Accelerator.  

Supersmile Toothpaste supports overall oral health and is 75% less abrasive than the ADA upper limit. Unusually, it also restores veneers, caps, dentures, etc to their original shade. 

Key Feature:

  • No abrasives or harsh bleaches.

  • Also works on dental restorations (bonding, caps, veneers, and dentures) .

  • Simply brush your teeth twice a day. Don’t change your daily routine


Clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 4 shades over a 30-day period – 6 shades if used with Supersmile whitening accelerator.

Whitens gently without sensitivity.

Strengthens teeth.



5. Zimba Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Unlike some other whitening strips that have a prominent medicinal taste, Zimba uses all-natural flavors to make every 30-minute whitening treatment just a bit more enjoyable. 

The premium-grip white strips are boosted with either coconut oil or mint fragrance (you choose the flavor) for a great-tasting treatment without artificial sweeteners.

Each box comes with 28 strips—enough for the recommended 14-day treatment—making this a super affordable, easy-to-use treatment that’s also gentle enough for sensitive teeth. 

Best of all, your noticeably whiter smile can last for months after the two week treatment—all for less than $25.

Key Feature:

  • Includes 28 strips

  • Easily remove years of stains

  • Express teeth whitening; whiten teeth in 30 minutes

  • Includes natural teeth whitening ingredients

  • Suitable for those with sensitive teeth

  • Enamel safe

  • Includes coconut essential oil



Gives a boost to your confidence

Easy to use


Don’t use if you are wearing braces

Only covers front 10 teeth (upper and lower), takes about a week to whiten, whitening doesn't last.

6. Cali White Vegan Teeth Whitening Kit

While the end goal might be a brighter smile, it’s just as important to feel good about the process that got you there. Luckily, this powerful whitening gel is not only strong enough to whiten your teeth at least two shades brighter in just one week, but it also uses a vegan, gluten-free, organic, and kosher formula that’s free of parabens and sulfates.

You’ll also rest easy knowing the mouth tray uses BPA-free plastic, has adequate ventilation, and is designed to minimize gum irritation. Plus, it can easily be attached to any LED light—including the five LED lights included in the kit.

Key Feature:

Our most powerful whitening kit Removes stains from coffee, wine, tea, and smoking. Professional Results in as fast as 1 treatment. 

Experience a 2-8 Shade Whiter Smile in 7 days with the enamel safe Hydrogen Peroxide Formula.

  • High whitening level   
  • Low teeth sensitivity   
  • Active whitening Ingredient with 35% Carbamide Peroxide



Made of 100 medical grade silicone that makes it safe

Effectively removes stains from coffee, wine, tea, and smoking

Custom thermoform trays provides full upper and lower bite coverage


Can be painful

7. Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening All-in-One Kit

Formulated by leading American dentists and engineers, the Snow Teeth Whitening kit is vegan, gluten-free, chemical-free, and safe to use on all kinds of teeth. You don’t have to worry about sensitive teeth because the product has you covered. If you are allergic to gluten or are vegan, you are also covered.

This system is portable, which comes in handy for those who often travel for business or leisure. You can now whiten your teeth anywhere, either at home or in the office, using the Snow Wireless Teeth whitening system.

You can keep track of your teeth whitening progress using the shade guide. The guide will help you measure the whitening process results and motivate you to continue until you achieve your desired results.


Key Feature:

The Snow Teeth Whitening kit’s cleaning process is entirely painless, fast, and safe to use on all types of teeth. You can use the product over braces, caps, bridges, veneers, and crowns. In just a matter of minutes, your teeth will be whiter and more appealing than ever before.


It’s safe to use on sensitive teeth.

It saves time and is cost-effective.

Comfortable to use over braces, caps, bridges, or crowns.


The product is a bit pricy compared to other teeth whitening products on the market.

It takes a long time to ship for both local and international orders.

8. Lumineux Whitening Strips

Clinically tested and professionally made, the whitening formula contains naturally-derived ingredients that also help to keep the treatments gentle enough on your teeth. It contains dead sea salt, or remineralizing sea salt, which delivers lots of minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium to your teeth and gums. 

It also contains aloe vera, which works as a soothing agent, essential oils for combating bad breath as well as to lighten and brighten teeth, and coconut oil to completely reduce sensitivity and moisturize.

Not only are they safe on your enamel, but they’ll also be compatible to use on most porcelain caps, crowns, and veneers; this means they’re gentle enough to work with any sensitivity you might already have and will be sure not to give you any.

The whitening strips are made with top quality ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or SLS.  It includes a unique blend of Coconut Oil, Sage Oil, and Lemon Peel Oil.

The whitening strips bring results in 7 days with consistent use.  Note that to get optimal efficacy, you should not eat or drink within 30 minutes of using.

Key Feature:

  • Whitens without sensitivity by using natural ingredients
  • Formulated with ProLuminous Technology to whiten faster
  • Certified non-toxic, SLS and preservative-free
  • Formulated with dead sea salt for proper oral care


Safe for your tooth enamel and gums

Removes hardened stains in one weekand crow's feet

No hydrogen peroxide in the whitening strips


Some people claim the whitening isn’t as effective as hydrogen peroxide formulas

May cause teeth sensitivity with extended use

9. Spotlight oral care dental teeth whitening strips

Many people find that whitening strips cause irritation to the teeth and gums. However, Spotlight Oral Care Dental Teeth Whitening Strips are a much gentler type of teeth whitening treatment, promising a more gradual but irritation-free whitening process. 

The entire product line was formulated by dentists, using dental quality ingredients. For example, these strips feature the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide, with the addition of a vitamin-E oil to soothe any gum irritation.

Key Feature:

  • Complete oral care teeth whitening with strips and soothing gum oil
  • Includes hydrogen peroxide and no toxic additives
  • Easy, two-week treatment at one hour per day
  • Removes deeply-embedded stains from coffee, tea, and red wine


Vegan-friendly and free of gluten, sulfate, DEA, and Triclosan


Includes comforting gum oil to protect gums and prevent sensitivity


Adhesive must be brushed off of teeth after treatment

Directions recommend pairing with Oral Care whitening toothpaste for best results

10. Peroxide-Free Oralgen New Pearl

While Weiner suggests whitening products with peroxide, if you want to shy away from the chemical then Oralgen NuPearl is an effective option. This whitening system complete with a whitening pen relies on natural botanicals activated by NuBright LED Technology to whiten teeth during 10-20 minute long treatments. Both the whitening gel and pen are 99 percent natural flavors.

Key Feature:

100 percent vegan, free of fluoride, sulfates, GMOs, gluten, and artificial colors and flavors.


Provides visibly whiter teeth in just minutes

Dentist recommended

Safe for enamel and gentle On teeth


Used the product as directed and didn't notice any change ,only used it about 8 times and the tube was already empty. Very expensive with no results.

Used two times for 20 minutes each occasion but there is no whitening effect. Waste of money

11. SuperNova Rechargeable At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Kits that deliver double the power always get our vote. This duo includes an easy-to-swipe-on hydrogen peroxide serum wand and a rechargeable LED tooth-whitening device, so you get the best of both worlds.

Give dull teeth a glow-up with CO. by Colgate’s SuperNova Rechargeable At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit. A brilliant blast of stellar whitening to give dull teeth an intense glow-up. With the SuperNova system, Colgate fused 2 powerful technologies: their advanced hydrogen peroxide serum plus patented blue LED device – for a futuristic, luminous smile. Get ready to shine. Get six shades whiter teeth in 10 days* with this exceptional at-home tooth whitening kit designed for no tooth sensitivity.


Key Feature:

  • Professional level whitening in just 10 minutes a day
  • 6 shades whiter teeth



Rechargeable LED device


No own block for USB charger

12. Go Smile Teeth Whitening Snap Packs for Sensitive Teeth

Commit to using these for one week to score teeth that are up to seven shades whiter. Snap open each individual pack and apply to the fronts of teeth post-brushing, morning and night, for seven days. Each one contains a special, non-sensitizing gel that won’t hurt teeth or gums, but still works super effectively, with some results noticeable in as little as one day.

Key Feature:

  • Contain 14 capsules of Hyperox Technology. This peroxide-based product reacts with the color compounds within the tooth, allowing the product to lift the shade of the teeth. The capsules are preserved in individual airtight containers to retain the active ingredients. Unlike some strips and trays, the formula is also dissolvable. This allows the peroxide to penetrate the tooth surface and break down compounds.
  • However, it is worth noting that Go Smile may not work for all cases. For example, gray teeth often require more specialist treatment as a result of their developmental – or tetracycline-based causes. If you are unsure of whether Go Smile will work for you, consult your dentist about possible options.


Penetrates teeth for deep whitening.

Gentle on teeth and gums.

Safe to use on dental restorations.


May cause irritation.

Unlikely to produce drastic changes.

13. Spotlight Oral Care Dental Floss for Whitening Teeth

Breaking news: It’s not just the stains on the front of your teeth that can make them appeared discolored. Staining in between the teeth also contributes to an overall dingy appearance. Flossing in general is super important in preventing this, but you can up the ante even further by using this floss, which is infused with hydrogen peroxide.

FYI, you get just the roll of floss (without the plastic holder that you typically get) so figuring out how to pull it out and cut it takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s well worth the extra effort.

Key Feature:

Spotlight Oral Care Dental Floss for Teeth Whitening effectively cleans plaque, food and debris from between your teeth while gradually and safely whitening teeth over time.


Made from recycled ocean plastic

Great for whitening & maintaining good oral health

Contains the active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide


Can cause discomfort

14. Opalescence Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

If you are on the market for a slower, steady, more cost effective (yet efficient) whitening treatment, a toothpaste is the way to go. Dr. Weiner maintains that “you can’t go wrong” with Opalescence, a dentist developed whitening toothpastes. “This toothpaste is gentle enough to be used daily and will whiten up to two shades brighter, and with the fluoride percentage fortifying your teeth further, it’s a great product,” she exclaims. In just one month of twice daily uses, this sodium fluoride infused toothpaste promises to lighten up your teeth two shades.

Key Feature:

Results can be seen effectively


Lightens two shades in a month when used as directed

Formulated to release fluoride quickly & efficiently to strengthen tooth enamel

Uses an optical chemical to create the illusion of a much whiter smile


Contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) which can be an irritant for some individuals.

15. Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening toothpaste

Activated charcoal is created from carbon-rich materials burned at high temperatures, like coal, coconut shells, and wood. In skincare, there are claims that it binds to and removes impurities from the skin, but more research is needed.

Charcoal can be found in a bazillion different skincare products these days, but it’s also a popular ingredient in the oral care space. It’s an effective abrasive, an ingredient that buffs off stains on the surface of your teeth. 

“This toothpaste does a great job at binding to the stains and discolored deposits and lifting them off to leave teeth brighter,” says Dr. Marashi. He adds that he especially likes using it as a maintenance product after using a hydrogen-peroxide based product, like strips or a gel.

Key Feature:

  • Certified Organic and Vegan.
  • Free from fluoride, SLS, peroxide, dyes and gluten.
  • Certified Cruelty Free


Contains no parabens, artificial dyes/flavors, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten or preservatives


Fluoride free


Dark paste may stain your sink if not rinsed thoroughly.

Little expensive


Now, many people think that even the teeth whitening toothpaste really work, or will work. But in reality, they do not help much, particularly if you have really badly stained teeth.

The teeth staining or pigmentation can be both intrinsic and extrinsic. Extrinsic is usually taken down by bleaching methods. But the intrinsic type is really hard to get rid of.

While teeth whitening can be dependent on the person, we can’t go past the Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous Whitestripes for their ease of use and American Dental Association’s (ADA) seal of approval. 

And when it comes to minimal effort, maximum impact, the Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste is gold class. Just switch your regular toothpaste out for this one and you’re golden.

So, there you have it! The above are our teeth whitening reviews.



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